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Does anyone remember a time,
when a man was a man, and towed his own line?
No one to assist him, succeed to survive,
does anyone remember a time?

Does anyone remember the clash,
when a tiny new nation broke free from its past?
Drove England from the field, its a fluke it won't last!
Now 234 years have past.

We conqured this continent through pain sweat and toil.
doesn't anyone belive in these things anymore?
Do we really want the government to provide everything?
How did we get here? We used to be free!

Those who sacrificed all that they had, gave their lives to be free,
brothers sons and dads. They truely must wonder why they did what they did,
cause we don't value the freedom, that they died, to give.
I think as I listen, I hear the patriots cry, I cry a little too,
as I watch freedom die.