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Three words... WILL SMITH FISH.

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Actually, gotta say that I may even like this even more than the original!

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Ok, one father is also kinda abusive, but at least the kid had Auron (and money). The other was sent to a friggin' orphanage.

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Walk? Why would you ever do that..?

[youtube 7hpjSaCBwJI&feature=channel&list=UL youtube]

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"Unfinished business" -> "so he figures he needs work" -> " so he got a job trying to kill Mario as a ghost" -> "Finished his business by completing the job he was hired for" -> "Got to go to hell as payment".

Hey, its a loophole, but the bureaucracy in Hell really isn't top notch to begin with, so letting it be is 'alright.

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Oh please, he can only run an organization that makes the same damn mistakes over and over while trying to run an increasingly complicated series of schemes that get...


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So...he's basically Vladamir Putin:

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Dear sir or madam:

We of the Chiroptera Defamation League express our outrage at this insensitive portrayal of Zubats. This comic demeans the valuable contributions of Zubats and other Chiroptera as violent, prolific, and retarded. Unless we receive a formal apology from all associated trainers, we will be forced to ask advertisers to withdraw their support.

Zubats and other Chiroptera make important contributions in fields of science, art, spelunking, and aluminum refinement. To have them mocked in such a manner is both demeaning to all Chiroptera and potentially damaging to their economic prospects, if such stereotypes continue to be perpetrated.

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Its OK Gabe...your an obese panda with a mop for hair. Now you can delay Half Life again!

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Only one alive
teammates predict your defeat
win by camping spawn.