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Sorry for the delay in getting this live.

Having met several anti-ponzi advocates, I can fully understand your passion at protecting folks and at being jaded. I have realized that part of my own passion for wanting the facts out on Zeek is to know beyond a shadow of a doubt one way or another.

Gregg, I would love to interview you. can you connect with me offline to schedule a time that works for you?

By the way I have asked many of the questions you have brought up. I am waiting until after the holiday to see if I get a response. Gregg, my passion for network marketing run deeps, and I do not want to see folks hurt period. I know that people have a freedom of choice, and I understand what has taken place can't be changed. But there are so many facts that have not been published, that require answers.

I look forward to talking live please email me at so we can schedule a time to connect. I feel that with answers to my questions and more insight from you as an expert, that some true educated value can be presented to the folks who are looking for the correct answers, and not just subjective opinion and at times depending on where they go false hope. As for me, I would never want to give anyone a false hope to what the future may be.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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Thanks for sharing your opinion. I hope someday we have a chance to meet and can talk.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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:) I do not embarrass at all. When I ask a question it is to learn. At times I have been known to make mistakes and at other times be completely wrong. But when those times happen I am also willing to admit them and move on. So at anytime you feel like you need to embarrass me to prove your point, feel free. No offence will be taken.

I asked you my question, because there are several promoters who are from countries where we do not (or did not) have treaties, like Costa Rica, Seychelles, Cyprus, and Panama. So my question was not one of a lack o knowledge it was specific to a huge situation, of where the majority of the funds are located. We already know that Paul Burks was not hiding any funds, there were wide open for all to find. The question remains of those who were international players (as in the hour long video of a Brazilian group in Paul's office). By the way there is a very good chance that some of the big winners could be from North Korea. It has already been reported that South Korean banks were used for processing, and we know from reading about the North Korean's they love to cause financial disruption by hording real and counterfeit US funds then dumping them in European locations.

I realized as educated as you are my questions seem irreverent, however most f the folks who come to this community are looking to well educated experts such as yourself for answers. If I ask a question, it is because many folks have asked me that question sir. And where I come from the only way to learn is to ask a question.

I realize some of my ranting may seem ignorant to you. But let me clear up one small item. I have never asked for RVG or Paul Burks to have their day in court. I have however ranted that the Complaint is nothing more than an allegation and that the legal team should have their day in court to defend their position. This sir was NEVER allowed because Paul Burks and his criminal attorneys never allowed it.

If any regulator is going to turn 2 million people into two classes of folks, victims and promoters, then the case like the other History Making Ponzi Complaints should have their day in court. And yes this is my ignorant opinion.

Another point, you are correct on, is that Paul Burks was allowed to enter "NO Contest" to the Complaint. I sure did not see Madoff or Stanford awarded this same slap on the hand. So tell me, do you really think a mastermind of a purported $600 Million (more than likely closer to $1 billion) ponzi scheme, should walk with a no context and a $4 million dollar fine?

By the way I am not an expert at anything, so I doubt if I give anyone a bad name. I have only covered one other purported ponzi and it was small, and did not last. So please do not think I am an expert at all.

As for your question of responsibility. First of all, unlike you I will not see this as a scam, until I see the evidence presented in a court of law before a Judge and/or Jury and it is both defended and questioned by both sides. And as I have mentioned publicly at that time I will gladly abide by the final ruling. But unlike you I happen to know just a little more about the inside situation and have talked to the folks who are experts at the math and the business, and if they had been given the opportunity to present their case, I firmly feel the outcome would have been far different, than a backdoor deal.

Not sure how much business I may or may not know. But, I know a little about direct selling. Without a doubt you are far more educated than I am, and I have learned a great deal from our small conversation. And for that I gladly thank you for taking time to educate both me and the community members.

I can tell by your question about money for an educated man, you have done very little due diligence of you would know that answer. But to educate you, so you do not have to waste your time. I report news that effects the distributors inside of network marketing. And if you go take a look at all I have stated in editorials and in the comment threads, you will quickly see I covered the facts, and did my best to provide solid answers to each situation that came up. I went to the 3rd party legal teams, consultants and compensation experts. I went inside and also asked questions. Then I reported what I learned.
That my friend was not done for money, it was done because this one company cased more division inside of network marketing than any other company ever.

I did charge the company for my expenses when I went to speak on compliance at their events. From April until August I was paid $20K. And if you or anyone think that's enough to sway my reporting, then you may want to do the math. By the way this is old news. I have reported many times that the company paid my expenses. As an educated man, you seem to think money plays into everything in life. Ethics and principles are far more important than money. But with a little due diligence, you will find I am an open book, from my own colorful past and background to where I stand today. Again, for an educated man, you sure bring up a stupid argument.

ROFLOL... Well you got the ignorance right. As for arrogance and avarice... Well you are entitled to your opinions. One day maybe we can meet or start a conversation on the phone and you may quickly find your opinion is based on some very limited information.

Living An EPic Adventure,

Gregg, as a post thought, when you have time something take a risk and listen to my daily radio show. You may find your opinion is far from the perceived truth you have about me.

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Not totally sure as to what you think I am spinning? I have never debated anything about ponzi's and I fully support justice be applied to all people who knowingly promote a ponzi.

I was in full support of your letter, and I am not sure why you would think I was not. I thought I was clear it was a well written letter. If that was not clear, then I am sorry.

I do think it is clear at this time, based on what I have reported and what is on the front of the ZTeamBiz website, they represent Craddock and his company. And like you I am working to make sure if this goes through that a 3rd party administrator or the law firm themselves oversee the donated funds.

I am not sure they are looking to reverse the SEC decisions at all. I do think they are looking to question the Complaint itself. RVG is dead, and will never reopen. But, allegations are not judicial rulings, and all complaints from any regulatory body can be questioned in open court by any citizen of the USA. Heck from anyone for that matter.

You do have a point that since Paul Burks was the ONLY member of RVG LLC, he had the right to cut any deal he desires. However, since there are many lawsuits and possible criminal action still pending, this is far from over. And since the SEC has now alleged that close to 2 million affiliates worldwide were part of a ponzi. I am pretty sure that some of thes folks are going to push the issue. Personally, based on the facts and conversations I have had with folks, I do not believe it was a ponzi. I do agree it was flawed and that the RPP needed to be changed drastically (as I had presented both privately and publicly) or it needed to be removed. And as I have stated publicly, knowing the majority of revenue was coming from the sales of bids through the compensation structure, it could be seen as a pyramid, if outside sales were not drastically risen and fast. But I would love to see this case taken completely through the US Justice System to either prove the SEC allegations or prove the legal and compensation teams opinions.

Now I agree 100% that all folks who donate to this lawsuit need to be added officially if at all possible. They should not be used to finance someone else's legal defense. And I have sent a detailed email to Craddock asking for far more clarification.

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Thanks for stopping by and adding value to this conversation. Let me clear up a couple of items.

1. Paul Burks doesn't own anything at all, and his interests are done. This lawsuit would possibly protect the business model and prove the allegations made by the SEC as false. If this were to happen and a judge and jury rule Zeek's business model was legit but flawed or weak, and the legal and compensation team are able defend their positions, then maybe folks might get some of their funds back. I am not sure if they could go after the SEC since Paul Burks signed a Consent.

2. Robert Craddock did do contract work for several MLMs including RVG. But as to how all the paperwork was arraigned and who he was contracted with is not fully clear at this time. I do know his work was focused on internet reputation management.

3. Greg Caldwell through WHS has a contractor and under contract as acting COO did work for Paul Burks through his company RVG.

4. So there are no other interests except his own and those affiliates who join his cause that he is protecting. All assets of RVG have been surrendered to the SEC and are under the control of the Receiver.

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Well written letter. There are a couple of items that might be up for discussion.

1. I know the Receiver wants to collect all the funds he can. But, he has NO or limited authority outside the USA. Many of the affiliates at the top were located in countries where the US doesn't have any form of Treaty to clawback the funds, and in a few counties where there are no laws governing what a Ponzi is or is not, so he may not be able to clawback funds. If that is exactly what he was referring.

So clawback on US citizens who were just good business folks and made money through building their organization, could be harmed by a clawback. Just because a person made money doesn't mean they were purposely doing anything illegal. Especially since this is just a complaint and the SEC has not had to defend their position in a court of law.

2. Do you not feel there needs to be a day in court in order for those effected to not know for sure if the SEC complaint can be defended or not?

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@Brother Mabe,

The reason this article is on the site, is because I fully believe all folks have a Right to their opinions and beliefs, even when they may disagree with mine.

Rod is a colleague, who totally disagrees with me on the Zeek issue, but who has a strong opinion and does want to help former affiliates based on his view of this situation.

Most of the time it is the anti-ponzi advocates who add value to the community. In this case, finally an insider is willing to provide information. Sadly like my other Colleague, the information came after the SEC filed their complaint.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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There is know dancing around. I was very clear in the very beginning of the video why I shot it. It was not based on what UPP has done today. It is based on what the folks are emailing and asking. They launched focused on a Penny Auction, and that is what the emails are asking about.

Great that they changed, facts are facts and the perception is reality.

You or anyone else assuming I did not know the penny auction has been scratched is... funny, but understandable.

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This important fact is front and center on the main website Z Team Biz. I think this might have happened after the Law Firm continued to get calls from affiliates :)

I disagree that we fed any lies or deception. If you take the time to listen to both videos I never mentioned a class action suit, and on the conference call, and the emails sent to those affiliates who joined the cause led by Craddock, and that Craddock was leading the charge.

Now the big concern is if the funds donated by affiliates to fight this will be administered through escrow of he law firm or a trust administered by a 3rd party.

I listened to both videos, and did not hear where I ever mentioned this was a class action suit. Many times I made it clear I was not fully clear on how it was working.

Now as to your answer on the Law Firm. When a law firm represents a client, and folks are calling asking about the case they have been hired for, then they will bill their client. If I call a law firm (and have many times) and they agree to talk with me, they bill their client. Not sure how many law firms you may have worked with, but they do not work for free. Even the small ones. :)

By the way, you do not have to pose anyone you are not. Just call and ask questions about Zeek and Craddock will get billed. It would be unprofessional of you or anyone else who is only wanting to use up the legal funds, but hey to each his own.

Chris, I have not pushed anyone towards any lawsuit. I have made it clear which lawsuit is focused on what. I have no skin in this game, but would love to see justice served for all. If after a public trial a Judge and Jury rule Zeek was a Ponzi based on the preponderance of the evidence, then fine. It the evidence points that Zeek was not a ponzi, then that fine also.

But all sides should have their day in court, and I will continue to report on things as they become known.

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@Chris Bailey,

Great question. I do not think I have ever mentioned JSS Tripler. But if I remember right that was part of Just Been Paid. If we are talking about the same program, then here is my thoughts. First of all they have no legal entity in which I or any of the other Critics have found located in the USA, or North America for that matter. Now that they have been purchased by Profit Clicking that may change, however at this time they are still only showing operations in South Africa.

And since the emails coming in are about JBP, I focused only on just been paid, not any anything that might be happening in the future.

If things change and folks continue to ask then I will go take a look.

Since the site has now changed, it now looks a lot like Banner Brokers which I also based on the program feel has issues. Kind of looks like a modern day ad surf program.

Now I can say that ProfitClickng as with Zeek and other programs feel it is important to add the disclaimer about Investments etc. That in and of itself is also a concern, knowing that with all the compliance Zeek had did not stop the SEC from filing a complaint for purported Ponzi activity due to the illegal promotion of the program from the field. (and the company in the beginning).

I did click on the "Legal Team: button, but it did not provide any info.

Some of the pages are still under construction on the new site, so only time will tell.