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'PC Load Batarang', WTF does that even mean?!?!

Also....the last time a bunch of men who skulk in the shadows and recruit young boys formed a group they called it NAMBLA.

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So I've got a running theory here. There's been a tendency to think of Jacob as this all powerful, all wise being, but he's not. He's a deeply flawed person. His "mother" kept him and his brother isolated from other people, she thrust the responsibility of protector on him when it was clear she favored the other brother, etc. He remains distant from everyone, using his magic to hide himself from most people, barely showing himself to the people he's relying on to help him out. He's basically socially retarded, and probably really at the developmental level of a 12 year old. And thus a lot of the magic of the Island, as funneled/channeled/governed through him, is similarly disjointed, unintelligible, etc.

In fact, we see that the ritual for taking title of protector isn't really anything special. "Mother" and Jacob both made some kind of incantation when they passed it along, but Jack didn't. I don't think becoming protector really changes you other than giving you access to the island's magic, but even that doesn't come with an instruction manual.

So anyway, that's my theory. Jacob's pretty much a 12 year old social misfit making all the rules up as he goes along. Which makes me think Hurley's time on the Island had to have been pretty amazing, because he's good with people. Now if only he'd take the Island back in time and prevent the Star Wars prequels.

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I can't wait for the new series, "The Oedipus Complex" to come out, all about a teen boy and his love for his Mummy. You'll get all wrapped up in that shit!

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LOL...with Eli it becomes Tacohomohoborobobama

What 4(ish) letter, end's in 'o' things can we come up with for Joel and Denise?

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Voltron needs 5 members (or possibly 15 if he's made of vehicles, or just 3 if he's the oft forgotten second Voltron toy that was made up of 3 humanoid robots that made a bigger humanoid robot (with 6 arms, or was that just the LSD?). I nominate Boxcar Pete. Then it'd be Hobo-Robobama!

Seriously, good work, and let's shirt this!

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Yay, I have a Magically Fabulous collectors item! I even had some guy from a coffee shop ask me what the phrase was again the other day when he saw me and I didn't have it on, so I think it's just a sleeper hit.

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Kool-Aid Man must be made out of pure diamonds. He certainly ain't glass, busting through walls all over the place. Imagine if you could take him down, you'd be set for life! But, just what do you use to kill a giant pitcher made out of diamond? Maybe you just have to tip him over and spill out all his blood, I mean sugar water?

1) Build tippable platform into floor.
2) Shout "Hey, Kool-Aid!"
3) ???
4) Profit!

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The Chubby Chaser.

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A few unfortunate incidents where I wasn't fast enough on the TiVo button to skip the commercial, I'm mostly untainted by this new Knight Rider. I know the new car is a big old fuel burning Mustang (though, I imagine he's powered by, like, the blood of the babies of Democrats or something in the show, high octane ratings and all). I just have to wonder what guise KARR will show up in? My money is on a Prius. See, we told you, hybrids are smug and evil!

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Are you sure that's from the LHC and not that Josh just stopped over at Taco Bell for a 24 pack first? I'd think the results would be about the same either way.