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Hey guys, thanks for being proactive on these notices. Question: Why is this coming up now? Has this created issues (similar to auto logout) as a result of a recent update? I've always advised customers to use mutliple-tabs so they can be more productive, and would think this is a good thing for Infusionsoft to advocated and support.

Thanks for all you do.


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I appreciate the "sucking wind" checklist. The art of copywriting is something that will never die no matter what web or other technology surfaces. Something I'm a work in progress with, thanks to this post I think I'm moving in the right direction.

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They give you some variation on the security levels. There are 5 security levels. Within the levels you can specify whether the user can do Remote Administration (for sync environments), configure Accounting Links, Sync Handheld devices, delete records, export to excel, or manage Sync Subscription list.

Beyond that there is field level security and the ability to configure Teams for the field levels, as well as record level access.

That what you were looking for? Helpful?

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Once Firefox comes to the iPad, you could use ACT! for Web (2011) to accomplish that yes.

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Think of how to get the data to SF, and how it will be presented. Not everyone is as happy after their migration to SF, and some have actually come back.

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Sorry for any confusion, there was a post at earlier in the year. Take care Darren.

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No such thing as dumb questions here...

Are you using Microsoft Word or the ACT! editor? Either way you need to open the template for editing, Write- Edit Template. Then insert the image, save, and you should be good.

Let me know if that helps.

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I have to say, I agree with you in part. I was just watching a commercial for the Droid Pro by Motorola, and was so excited to see a recognizable keyboard (I was a 3 year user of the Blackberry)! As for sync with Droid, have you considered syncing ACT! with Google (via CompanionLink), and then your Droid will pull down the info to the phone from your Google account?

Blackberry I found to be behind when it comes to overall apps options, and integration with cloud and social media applications.

On a sidenote, it's amazing how fast these products are coming out, seems like you need to upgrade every 6 months to remain current!

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I think your concern is shared among many. Most changes aren't irreversible. You might consider setting up a test database, so you can learn and removes the fear of breaking it. Thanks for the feedback.