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Is that a Star Trek original series early tricorder Joel is using? If it is...sweet!

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Oh, how I've missed Boxcar Pete. This is a great start to the holidays.

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Damn, this is funny. I read the rest of her ruling and she actually has some very good ideas for alternate Spawns. She does it in a way that actually casts shame and disdain on Todd McFarlane. Who is this Judge?

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It was one soap opera cliche after another in this episode. Poor Georgie, it's too bad the V's forgot all about that mind probing technology they used to scan the life memories of Erica's son. But since they forgot all about the mind reading tech they'll just torture him because they're pure evil. It's a shame that this show keeps getting worse. Too bad ABC. Flash Forward is worse, but the pony you're backing isn't that much better.

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Damn, I just bought a PS3, I can't just drop another large wad of cash. I'm not made of money...Crap! But this is over half off!! Dammit, I can't do this...but I have to do this... CRAAAPPP!!! Maybe I can pretend I never saw this. Or maybe this sale will stay in its pristine state for a few months. This is going to be a tough fight....must resist....crap

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First I laughed my ass off reading this comic, and kept on laughing creating absurdly horrific monsters. Well done Joel, you have made a breakthrough. Then I clicked on the "logic" of Roger Corman link and I had another laughgasm at his dead serious justification and plot synopses for these movies. SyFy channel has a good ten years worth of content with your formula, what with all the sequels and "Son of..." spinoffs. This is gold Joel! It's gold. I want to see Manosaurus vs. ArachnoWolf. Shit, I need to pitch this to SyFy and Roger Corman right away! Hell Corman referred to James Cameron as his "protege" and that's just so damn funny because it's true! I think that you putting the SyFy cipher down on paper heralds the Apocalypse or something. Freaking hilarious!!

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I really liked this pilot for Caprica. I think it's fascinating to see how a convergence of different technologies brings about the creation of the Cylons. Robotics, AI and the avatar tech that Zoe creates. I think that was the key because they already had some very basic AI, but combining it with the avatar stuff makes it into a truly sentient being. I don't quite get how the believers in a one true God become terrorists. It seems to me that a polytheistic society wouldn't really care what you believed in. Ancient Rome started out very liberal and cosmopolitan in comparison. Perhaps the soldiers of the one are the result of decades long persecution that we are not aware of at this point. It easy to use "crackpots" as a scapegoat. That way you can round them all up and persecute them. That's the direction Ancient Rome took with the Christians I guess. However, I agree that suicide bombing is a pretty big leap for the "religious minority" of Caprica. I mean, so far these monotheists don't seem to have it so bad. I guess we wait and see. It does quickly explain the confounding Cylon belief in a one true god during the future Battlestar Galactica years. When you think about it, Cylons never really had a choice in their beliefs. Their progenitor, Zoe (a brilliant teenager) just happened to be monotheistic because of issues with her parents, and her apparently decadent / empty privileged life. Apparently the Cylons we've come to know in BSG were "encoded" to be monotheistic-- hardwired into that belief because of their "Cylon Eve". It will be interesting to see where they take all of this.

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I think they did an admirable job with wrapping everything up. It's a damn shame that the series wasn't given more of a chance. I was very surprised with Eliza Dushku's performance. She really did a great job bringing Echo to life this time, especially during her breakdown scene with Priya. The resolution of this universe was quite rushed at times, but given the circumstances I would have to agree that the writers really kicked ass. Hell, if they can pull that off, imagine how amazing this series would have been over 3 or 4 seasons. It's a damn shame.

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I agree, Jason is a good actor and an excellent fighter. He has the physicality and intensity of a young Conan as described in the books. My favorite action/fight scenes from all the Stargate series tend to skew heavily towards Ronan.

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I thought Jason Momoa did a fine job in Stargate Atlantis. He is a decent actor and he can really dish out the action. I think he's a good choice to play Conan. I know, I know... we all loved Arnold in the role. He looked great as Conan, and when I was a kid I thought he was the ultimate example of what a warrior from these fantasy settings should look like. That is until I actually read some of the Conan stories. In the original stories he's really not a perfectly defined bodybuilder type. He's physically big, but his size is closer to Jason Momoa's build. I actually would have preferred for Ray Stevenson to take on the role because he looks and moves much closer to how Conan is described in the book. But I think Jason Momoa could also do a good job moving and fighting like Conan. If anyone has ever seen his fight work on Stargate Atlantis, for a big guy (probably over 6 ft) he is very, very fast. In the books Conan moves like a panther in battle. The Arnold physique is more of a tank. Granted, Arnold was no slouch, but there is a difference. What I'm getting at is that the Conan envisioned in the books was more of a big NFL linebacker--extremely fast and very strong. Hell, if anyone has seen Ray Stevenson's fight scenes in Rome, that's pretty much how Conan moved, which is why I wish he were doing the role. But if they're going with Momoa, hell, give him a shot. I think he'll be great. What worries me more is the script and the director. Pathfinder had it's moments, but overall it wasn't that great of a movie. The other worrisome factors are the jackass hollywood studio suits butting in and ruining everything about this latest reboot.