insider trading

insider trading


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The Public Sector or state sector (which usually includes: parliament, law-courts and government centers, various emergency services, public health, shelters for empoverished and threatened people, transport facilities, air/sea ports

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(A logging company might research ways to use partially burnt wood to be processed so that the undamaged portions of it can be made into pulp for paper.)

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Quaternary stage/degree of the economy: Involves the research and development needed to produce products from natural resources and their subsequent by-products.

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Tertiary stage/degree of the economy: Involves the provision of services to consumers and businesses, such as baby-sitting, cinema and banking.

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Primary stage/degree of the economy: Involves the extraction and production of raw materials, such as corn, coal, wood and iron. (A coal miner and a fisherman would be workers in the primary degree.)

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The secularization in Europe allowed states to use the immense property of the church for the development of towns.

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For most people the exchange of goods occurred through social relationships. There were also traders who bartered in the marketplaces.

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Several centuries after the invention of cuneiform, the use of writing expanded beyond debt/payment certificates and inventory lists to be applied for the first time, about 2600 BC, to messages and mail delivery, history, legend, mathematics, astronomical records and other pursuits.

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The Babylonians and their city state neighbors developed forms of economics comparable to currently used civil society (law) concepts

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All professions, occupations, economic agents or economic activities, contribute to the economy. Consumption, saving, and investment are variable components in the economy that determine macroeconomic equilibrium.