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I think that photo of mine is from 2005 too. But don’t let that distract you from the audio.

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1) My mother in law gets it.. is still working and does not spend it on fuel.. it just goes into a pot and gets spent at Christmas.

2) Many people who are retired go abroad over Winter for months at a time as it is cheaper than being in the UK, ergo do not use any fuel in the Winter period.

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I can understand how we can not expect a price for the cost of the build. Given we have detailed plans done for the previous owner by a different architect and we have said we want the same work - but less complicated, you think it unreasonable for an architect to give a detailed breakdown of what his work would cost? You think it acceptable that they wouldn't even state how much a site visit would cost? That doesn't change.

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Disgraceful in what way? Or do you mean accurate?

So I shouldn't take someone to task for posting a pasted comment that was used on another blog that made reference to comments never made on this site?

Or perhaps that I am accurate in the fact that an MEP or MP cannot be sacked?

Sorry that you no longer listen to the podcast anonymous.

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Why don't you express some anger that a rape which when committed with violence could possibly get more prison time for the violence part than the rape itself - aren't you outraged about that? I know I am.

Why aren't you calling for the Tory party to not consider any increase in tariff reduction for an early guilty plea for any serious crime? Aren't you outraged that an early guilty plea already gets a tariff reduction and the consultation could increase that to 50%? Is that what you want?

Why aren't you backing people like me who suggest if there aren't enough prison places, we should build more?

I don't hear you talking about the real substantive issues.

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Third chance to answer the easy questions I put.. your silence really does speak volumes.

Shall I ask again?

1) How do you sack on MP or MEP?

2) What comments in the original post which I responded to was that commenter referring to? There don't appear to be any on this site. If there aren't any my point was valid.

Looking forward to your response.

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Let me explain again in small words so you can understand. I have no problem in comments being left. Lovely. When a commenter puts a comment used on another site, which is just cut and pasted to a blogpost on here and it does not make sense... for example by saying look at my "previous comments" when they have made none on here - it is not well thought out.

Show me the "previous comments" made by that commenter then???

Secondly - I am not a "representative" of any party - so get off your high horse and perhaps if you weren't so aggresive you may actually get further.

Thirdly if you knew anything about politics you may know you can't sack an elected representative (though of course I am a fan of recall elections). You can have the party whip withdrawn and other such sanctions - but a campaign to get an MP or MEP "sacked" is actually doomed to failure. The point of democracy is it is the electorate who hires and fires - unless you prefer a dictatorship.

Of course these specific points will no doubt be ignored. Then again... maybe your next comment will make sense. It might even get published. Who can tell.

Have a thoroughly smashing day.

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Its interesting as this blog post is very different to the blogpost where exactly the same comment was made - hence the same comment does not makes sense here... so making reference to "previous comments" on here is stupid as the commenter had not made any!

I have no wish to derail anyones points - but if you don't like it, then do not visit. My website. My rules.

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OK - the last time of asking for everyone... please STOP using the word "you" referring to Roger Helmer as if this is his site and as if he will respond on this site. This is an independent site so if you are referring to someone, use THEIR NAME.

Also please do not refer to comments that have not been made on this site, as people will wonder where they are.

Interesting you have left two comments exactly the same, to two different blogposts, on two different sites. I do hope you downloaded the podcast and listened before commenting. I hope the tracking will not show you haven't? Thanks

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No sorry - doesn't make sense, and failure to provide a proper email address makes me believe you are just trying to agitate on the blog. Only constructive comments please. Thanks.