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She is definitely a POLITICAL slut and prostitute.

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In our schools, there are few textbooks used in the lower grades. I used to rail against this. But knowing what tripe and downright lies/propaganda are disseminated in these alleged history books, it's probably a good thing.

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It's TV, for better or worse. I doubt it will last. Most new shows don't, thankfully.

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I cancelled HBO during the Reagan Years. I had enough of profanity-laced "comedy" shows slamming Ronnie. I don't need top pay to be offended, I can go to any inner city for free. When I called to cancel, the service person was shocked that I would cancel. She said, "No one cancels HBO." I said, "I'm proud to be the first!"

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It is said, "Only the good die young," and I believe that applies to Andrew. He will be sorely missed for his tenacity and dedication to fighting the system.

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This coming Spring and Summer are going to be a nightmare. OWS Beta 1.0 proved they can act with impunity. Police are being neutered by the powers that be. This Obama-led activism is intended to ensure an Obama victory in November. The putative leader of the OWS movement is none other than Obama's friend, Van Jones. Valerie Jarrett, the most powerful woman in the WH, with apologies to Moochelle, hand-picked him for his position as Green Jobs Czar. The union thugs, the anarchists and the Marxists will be having a field day during the next 6-7 months, and beyond, if Obama wins.

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Everything the Obamabots do has to be seen thru the prism of "THEY HATE AMERICA." Then, all that they've done and want to do makes perfect sense. Obama hates America and everything it has stood for. In his eyes, we are an evil nation, founded by evil men who wrote documents of "negative liberties." Unless they are defeated in
November, a monumental task, we are doomed. Without having to worry about re-election, everything is up for grabs, especially our freedom and liberty. Working outside of Congeress will be the least of our problems.

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The Oscars should go back to being a radio show where they spend about 30 minutes handing out awards, saying THANKS and going home. I haven't watched it in 30 years and wouldn't see any reason to watch it ever again. But, to each his own. There are no more vapid people than today's Hollywood celebutards.

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As with most revolutions, the useful idiots are led to slaughter by the anarchists who eventually assume control of the "movement." History is replete with cases of well-intentioned people thinking they're in charge when, in reality, they are being led. They become followers when the true professional agitators take control. The OWS debacle in Oakland was so predictable. We'll hear it was just a few who started the trouble but this is a red herring. The trouble started with the beginning of the movement, not the moment the flag was burned or buildings and artifacts trashed. A mob cannot be controlled or cajoled. That's why it's a mob. Any comparison to the actions or motives of the TEA Party is a joke perpetrated by people living in an alternate universe.

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The Muslims are smart. Starting with Obama, they have allies working around the clock to stifle any comment about Islam and Muslims. We have a government changing words to placate terrorist groups. I include the MSA and their ilk in this group. Ignoring the issue and pretending it doesn't exist only hastens our demise. If you deny there's a foot of water in your basement, it still doesn't change the fact you're going to get mold.