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It's a shame that you got that hostility while shopping for a bra. I've shopped for lingerie for myself in full beardy guy mode and never had a problem (okay, the occasional knowing smirk, which I welcome). I know that response isn't going to deter you from doing everything you need to do for your daughter. Keep on doing what you do.

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I've seen The Cycle, her MSNBC program, a few times. She works well with the other two members of the team, who both appear to be more left-leaning, though once or twice she has quietly hissed an exasperated correction to what she believes to be a mischaracterization of a Republican policy by one of her co-hosts.

From reading about Cupp in her Wikipedia article and on leftish atheist blogs, I'd expected a strident, contrarian personality, but thankfully she is not at all antagonistic. It's a bit like seeing Dawkins speak after only ever hearing him described by Christians. I'm glad she's on MSNBC instead of some place like Fox News where I would never see her.

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You're doing fine in my opinion. I don't come to this site for the ads--in fact I'm most likely to get your material from an RSS feed in the first instance--but when I do come here the ads are discreet and I don't notice them. If I did, to be perfectly honest, I'm very unlikely to care whether I see two men kissing on an internet page.

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I think this is so much bollocks. I live in the UK so if the "atheism is inherently hostile" argument held water I would encounter similar reactions to the fact that I don't believe in God. The fact is I don't.

It's a particularly dumb argument because it's blatantly false. If I say I don't believe in God to someone who believes in God it doesn't involve setting myself up as an authority any more than his or her belief is necessarily a claim to authority. We just have a difference of opinion. While that can lead to conflict this is not necessarily the case.

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"We've got the politically correct doing battle with zealous Christians over whether the three wise men were following a bright star or Rudolph's nose."

Nice one.

I think this is all very promising, actually. To let the Christmas season become the property of any one religion is unhealthy.

And yeah, I do know what I'm saying. Christmas may be the festival of Jesus' birth, but everybody needs a winter festival, and such festivals existed before Jesus.