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I'm mostly quite happy with the ban as it stands, though I voted for "Outside of buildings" because I do wish there was a "defined space" around doorways that would be smoke-free. Having to walk through a cloud of smoke to enter or exit a restaurant, bar or mall is no fun. As an alternate, a "smoking door" could work, where I could freely enter the front, side or rear door, with the smokers using another.

Personally, I'd like to see a tougher stance on the butts being left, well, everywhere. Ugh.

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Keep in mind, while transit is low on the infrastructure list, it still lands in priority number one on the 6-point plan (Which will be looked at in the June 16th piece). A lot of changes could happen to transit (Route re-alignment and so on) without having to invest in transit as a capital figure. Is it a great solution? No, but it would be a step in the right direction.

Also, CAO Hunt mentioned specifically that transit needs to be fixed - so it's certainly something on his mind. I'm guessing we'll see non-capital changes (Maybe fare-funded) to address the broken system.

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Taking the wording roughly from my video of council (Final wording will be released with the confirmed minutes following next council session), they are:

1) Henners need to contact neighbors of abutting properties and get a signed document showing that neighbours are aware of the plan
2) That this be considered a pilot project for 2 years until the matter has been resolved by council,
3) That data relating to this pilot project be returned to the Arts, Recreation & Community Policies Committee by October 1, 2013

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Thanks, Laura! Really appreciate that - I'm pretty proud of it.

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I'll be honest: We cheat and use the malls as park & ride lots when we want to go into areas we don't like driving/parking in. Like downtown.

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I'm not going to go too far into it as it probably falls into conflict of interest territory... But with the fair-sized number of web shops in Kingston, you'd think they could have kepth the project local, rather than outsourcing it to a Belleville company.

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Hey Will, thanks.

While the idea of a cross-province/country/borders library is neat - the idea was more something I was looking at on a local level. Early thoughts:
1. To join, you must have a book or books your willing to lend.
2. Once you're a member, you can borrow any book from any member. A website is used to track books, and handle requests for books.
3. The person who has the book and the person who ants the book meet up for the exchange - thus encouraging more community members to get to know each-other.
4. The person receiving the book has it for a guaranteed, say, three weeks. Then the book becomes available to the group again.

It eliminates the shipping costs, encourages community exchanges and connections, and helps the local community grow (Maybe something for the KW or London meetups, too?)

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A note on the building at 728 Princess St - It used to be home to Action Packed Comics... Which relocated to the building next door and expanded.

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Ohhh - I like "Toss-up... Thursday". Or Tuesday, I guess. Part of me wants to do a Twitter day on a Tuesday or Thursday... But then I'd have two Twitter days... And I'm not sure there would always be enough Twitter news. Or I could move my follow tips to the Twitter day and free up a 'Facebook Friday'.

Maybe a 'Social Sunday' for all of the social media news?

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It's really never been an idea thing - I can come up with post ideas like there's no tomorrow... In fact, I often mentally dictate posts to myself when I'm out on a walk, riding my bike or in the shower... It's more of a time to write them, read them, edit them and so on.