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Thanks, Jesse, and edravo. Just as a housekeeping issue, I ask that folks please use the comment box at the bottom of the page, as a courtesy to commenters who came before you and so we have a nice linear, un-poMo thread. I don't plan to respond to any upstream replies.

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Ha, well, I will be talking about art this week, and not bloody television.

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Brian, you write persuasively and you're almost convincing me of some up-is-down propositions. You are arguing in defense of one of the largest, most influential galleries in NY, a show with overwhelming power signifiers (as Saul noted), pure structures that fit within Greenberg's ideas of a specialized art "entrenched in its area of competence" that refer to nothing social or economic (yet are embraced by the decisionmaking class). Yet somehow my review repeats the original error of a male establishment to exclude a woman and a non-New Yorker from the pantheon. You are minimizing Truitt's actual exposure to the process (shows in major institutions from the early '60s to the present) in favor of a conspiracy argument that somehow Don Judd kept her down, and I am perpetuating this unfairness with my review.

Eva Hesse is relevant to this discussion, and not a case of bringing in someone from another movement or timeline. Here's how I see it: Judd was an assemblage artist and still including ungainly pipes and breadpans in his boxy constructions. Truitt may have influenced him to cut out the non-essential elements and just concentrate on the box. But then he asked, "why paint these things? isn't that superfluous decoration?" He influenced a generation to see industrial materials as adequate substance for art. Then Hesse came along and began deforming the structures, bringing in chaotic elements. This is still relevant to current work (Rachel Harrison, as Jesse noted). Meanwhile Truitt left the dialog, and continued to paint her "primary structures" the same way she did in '63, till she died. Sometimes people get excluded because of who they are but sometimes the system gets it right (at least up until now): this is a backward art that clung to old theories, which can still be passed off as "classically modern." It's a historical curiosity, not an overlooked master.

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Hi, Paddy,
I know I sound like someone who's never happy - I greatly appreciate being able to self-edit and self-moderate. I replied to a comment of Jesse's upstream and was able to self-edit. It doesn't appear visible in the main thread unless someone clicks the "2 replies" and then it appears in the thread. My experience from Digital Media Tree and Rhizome is that not being able to reply upstream forces people to be more polite and deal with the comments immediately ahead of theirs (that are "on the table,"so to speak), as opposed to passive-aggressively going back upstream and talking to whoever they want to bond with. Eventually you can have multiple conversations going on re: completely different topics, cliques form, etc. If there is any way for you to force a linear thread with this software, I hope you will use it.

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OK - testing - I am replying to an upstream Jesse comment and about to make a deliberate TYPING ERROR and will see if I can edit and where the comment goes. - Typing error fixed but my reply is nesting under under Jesse's comment.

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Yay. Paddy, if you have the option to make these "straight" comments (as oppose to commenters being able to make and nest replies upstream) I pray you will use it--otherwise your threads will turn out like those Rhizome threads the geeks are so proud of, notable for their confused mess, I mean democratic free-for-all.

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Testing self-moderation... (Ha ha, self-moderation, that's me.)
Paddy, bughunt wise I noticed in the Intensedebate page that has all my saved comments for various blogs the link back to Art Fag City (the main site, not this thread) is still a wordpress core link, so it is breaking. Just FYI.

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Hmmm, that last comment was supposed to be pre-approved now that I'm logged in but it looks they're still going into the moderation queue.

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Paging back through older posts I notice this one doesn't have a headline or teaser now: That was a very good post where you, ahem, suggested people with some savvy about judging web content. It may not have been applicable since the Guggenheim is only judging "web lite"--no State enemies, submissions by would be stars only, no searching for outsider cooties--but I hope the post can be restored to the front page archive.

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Hi, I now have an underscore but it's still me. Site looks good. Some unsolicited feedback: Can you expand your content window on the front page? I read you on RSS where I get the full text of your posts but there's a delay so I also still visit the front page to see what's going on. Right now I only see your headline plus a few lines of summary of what the post is about. I like the classic blog format where you read a post, get pissed off (or joyful!), check to see if there are comments, and then click through to whatever page next awaits. Now it's all riding on your teaser. Curious what your other regulars think.