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I have tried to hand off proof reading for my blog but it really turns into a full time job. I stnik ta ti raelly bda.

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Sam this was a nice fun blog post. I enjoyed your brief descriptions as well and completely agree with them. Again, thanks for the fun post.

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I would enjoy being part of this as well.

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Great post John and I completely agree with developing systems. I also do the things above plus have a few others as well like for instance using evernote + my iPhone camera when I read books for easy filling and searching by key word. Using pictures assigned in my iPhone address book and using those pictures as a scrolling screen saver on my computers. As I sit at any of my computers I can watch and name them.

Great stuff as usual John, thanks.

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I went over to youtube to view your videos of service and each one kept coming up with an error message. So I clicked on another type of video from you and it played but just could never get your kids service videos to play.

Anyone else have this happening to them?

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I think notes are extremely valuable and program into my Monday schedule (as this is my admin and review day) every week. I have found that my "LiveScribe" pen ( is one of the greatest tools in my tool belt. It allows me to sync to my mac or pc if that is what you choose to use, email out the notes and audio from the mtg. and even transcribe my written notes. Plus a great search field as well.

Before this I used a journal style Moleskin though.

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Thanks Henry for the video. I just posted it on my site as well and mentioned that it was brought to my attention by you and provided a link to your blog site.

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Hey Michael, do you have addresses for a couple of these above? You mentioned a couple I was not aware of and would like to follow from a distance.

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Thanks for the share.

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Thanks for the mention above. I too enjoy tweetdeck and hootsuite. I use tweetdeck more because it also syncs with my iPhone tweetdeck app.