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Neil ... too Young

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Yeah I read that.. And I read it in your reply to someone above. So what was all that malarkey about the colour of the flag and Bruce Springsteen, if you only meant the one endtweet?

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So better music and owning the colour red; that's what the Liberals needed to do to win? What claptrap. Canadians aren't as shallow as the pundits like to believe they are.

The campaign is only part of the election. The other part is what you do and say and stand for in between elections. The Liberals lost seats to NDP because they collaborated with the Conservatives over and over including on Afghanistan.

The Liberals lost other votes to Conservatives because they didn't have credibility on the issues they were raising. You can't claim the successes of deficit fighting without also wearing the scandals of the day.

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But do we deserve our fellow citizens?

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or the most opportunistic

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So tell me ... in Alberta, everyone votes for the best local candidates with the most vigorous campaigns and that just happens to come out Conservative again and again?

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I like it that he is talking about working with Nikki Ashton to connect with youth. Someoen needs to address their campaing to the otehr large demographic group. The Quebec example could inspire disengaged youths to believe voting can make change.

Anyone see any kind of analysis of youth voter turnout? I'm not even sure how that is done, polling I guess.

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Seems to me the lesson from the NDP is organize, organize, organize. They were very deliberate about their plan in Quebec, and they did reap some good fortune, but we're ready to capitalize on it when the shift occurred.

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I think English Canada also known as the ROC would make a big mistake in assuming that this gets rid of the Bloc. A lot of the NDP vote entails soft Separatist voters who cared enough about the whole of Canada to vote for alternative to Harper. Its good news that Quebec voters were interested in Canada, but there will be a fair amount of disillusionment since that didn`t happen.

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subsidy is based on percentage vote not elected MPs