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Currently on kidney dialysis. Be well Guruji.

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I have an Irish friend who grew up in Iraq in the 60's, in the time he lived there, there was something like 7 coups and 3 wars, but he says the Iraqi people were just normal folk just like you and me, going about their business the same as we do, wanting peace and prosperity the same as we do.

There are just as many fundamentalists who seek violence, here as there are there. We're all basically the same, we deserve the right to have our own cultures peacefully respected no matter where we live, and for a lot of us in the West, we can actually CHOOSE where we want to live.

Any kind of violence we partake in is really only violence towards ourselves.

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Calm down and stop being abusive and insulting to everyone that doesn't have the same opinion as you/

Whether you're opinion is right or not, doesn't excuse you from being rude and nasty/

I have my belief. I feel that we are connected to everything and I certainly don't believe we have even a modicum of control over anything.

You've analysed this whole thread and over-zealously thrown shit in the faces of anyone different from yourself, give yourself a pat on the back for being today's cyber-troll.

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We have this strange arrogance about how "we caused it to happen". A funny species we are that's thinks itself completely disconnected from Nature unless we're organic, vegan and low impact cyclists.

Nature controls our every thought and move. If Nature didn't want it to happen, you can damn well be sure it wouldn't happen.

Unless you have every last little bit of datum, it's impossible to draw a conclusion and say that it's our use of fossil fuels that is causing this.

Cities submerged under seas, oceans and lakes around the world show the the human race has been around a lot longer than scientists originally thought and that we've adapted and survived through several major cataclysmic climate changes.

We're still learning about climate in the same way that we're still learning about everything else and in the grand scheme of things we've only been around for the most briefest moment of time.

I'm not saying lets ignore it and keep burning up resources that are precious to our Earth but if you just look at Climatology without looking at Geology, Anthropology and all the other ologies, you're not going to see the big picture.

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Woman anchor.... Woman OB reporter, both are responsible for the twisted angle they took from this story. Like Tina says above; "Rape essentially" WTF?

A lot of countries have problems with rape cases actually getting in to court, but America's treatment of women has to change.

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Yeah, there's been a few studios here in Ireland that have fallen because of these groupon/livingsocial scams. Séan's idea is great... had that one myself as well.... visitor class passes so peeps can check out what's on offer over the road. Maybe there's some insecurity about yogis leaving your studio, but if they do then there'll be new peeps joining as well, so it's "swings and roundabouts"

There's no real fast way to get people in the door of a studio I don't reckon, only sustained, authentic teaching that gets spread around by word of mouth. But peeps seem to be very distracted at the moment, it's very hard to get new students to commit to a practice unless you can cut them some kind of financial deal. So I can see how owners may fall into the voucher trap.

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Right back at ya Kate! ;)

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It's nice just to say thank you at the end of class... and actually mean it.

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I stopped saying it and the end of my classes. It is cliché and peeps do just roll it off the tongue without a thought to it's true meaning...

Like Jaaaaysus!! You don't tell someone you love them at the end of a class do you? But the expression has the same weight as far as I'm concerned.

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If you suggest reading it Bob, I'm going to read it. Simple as. Stephen Mitchell's Gita translation is one of my faves now!

A couple of books for my winter reading list methinks :)