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Hardcore Muslims can get so bad that they get good, and we fall into the trap of fascination and admiration, a la the Evil Empire in Star Wars.

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Why does the Obama admin. kowtow to the Muslim Brotherhood? Answer: GEORGE SOROS. Next question?

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Keep aware of the giant Muslim world with the Historyscoper's free Muslimscope:

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Dershy doesn't really support a 2-state solution: he's a LAWYER and he's not in court :)
If the Palestinians aren't happy with JORDAN then why would they want a 2nd state on Israeli land? Answer: because they are Saudi pawns in their chess game aimed at annihilating Israel for their dead god Allah. That's why it won't work.

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Why do Muslim Arabs obsess on squatting on a tiny patch of land in their millions of square miles of Arab territory? Because of ISLAM, which treats Jews as an infection to be eradicated by calling on all available Muslim blood cells. There shouldn't be a Palestinian state period, or a Jordan, just the Arab Umma and Greater Israel. When will this true solution be put on the table and fought for openly? The U.S. will back Israel up if it will ask.

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A real Arab Spring would see millions of Muslims chuck their Qurans and party all night to rock & roll, then chuck Islam and its superiority-domination mindset and rejoin the human race. Until then poor outnumbered surrounded Israel needs to stay strong and vigilant, and the U.S. needs to staunchly support it no matter how many nations succomb to Saudi money and turn on it. Ironically, if it weren't for Islam and its Allah who commands Muslims to recover every square in. of territory once ruled by him, the U.S. and Israel might back the Arabs trapped between the sea and the river in a putsch against the Hashemite monarchy of Jordan, allowing them to erect a real nation of Palestine, with a wide DMZ with Israel.

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How about the 967 B.C. borders? In the time of King Solomon? :)

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It's sad to see the billions in Saudi propaganda having its effect in the West, particularly with the PC media, the universities, and the White House. Sure, Muslims didn't do 9/11, Islam isn't responsible for any terrorism, it's the religion of peace, Israel is illegitimate, it's not terrorism to exterminate it, blah blah. They're winning all the early rounds, following their historical pattern in country after country that underestimated them and are now part of the so-called Muslim World.

The truth is that the U.S. is the last best hope of humanity, and was only possible because it was incubated on a world island that enjoyed being free of Islam. Israel is the only friend we've got in the Middle East, and we must staunchly support it no matter how many other countries turn against it. They're our canary in the mine. As Islam makes its move on the U.S., we must all stand up to it firmly and never let it take an inch. Their Allah is a dead god, and their Quran is a dead book, and the future belongs to us, not them.

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Why is anybody wasting time on jihadist materials dressed up as establishment pronouncements? Spend your time watching Islam and mastering the key orgs. and leaders with the Historyscoper's free educational resources:

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I'm afraid of dogs that have hydrophobia. What was that about "Islamophobia"?

Islam is a dead ideology. Allah is dead. The Quran is a dead book. But the backward Muslim world still has 1.x billion believers or nominal believers, hence the zealots will pull out all stops because they know their time is short. It's Muslims who have the phobia - that the 1.x billion Muslims will finally see that Allah is dead and chuck Islam.

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