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Love the twilight stars, but come on.....don't criticize the fact britain has to go ott with everything including content in sausages. Don't like our food, bring your own Kristen :D

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aren't we all lol

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Catherine Hardwicke imo spoiled Twilight. Its badly cut, vital points are missed and scenes that would have been cut have been reshot or taken out. If you watch it as many times as I have you notice these things. However it is an excellent film, it was sensitive but nto well put together.
David Slade can be sensitive we are told, so that is what I am hoping for. Action is a large part of it, but as stated above, so is romance. Eclipse was my favourite out of the first 3.
I would say that what is happened, as was stated on an earlier twitter from him, he showed the edit he had put together to summit, being the first one that had been shown out of the directorial team (his words) Summit then, I would bet on, came back and said we need more Edward. So he has had to go back and add bits. So ultimately, Summit are the ones calling the shots, and if they don't feel they have enough of what the fans want, doesnt matter who directs it, things will be altered.

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No I don't think she was right. Yes In her opinion Bella was just throwing away the options Rosalie had. But Bella and Rosalie are two completely different people. Rosalie, self admitted, she is self centred, shallow and vain. Yes she wanted a child, but it was more for selfish reasons. She had been brought upto go by status. A lot of her problem was that she wasn't adored as much as she was in human form. Bella wasn't giving anything up other than her relationships with her family, which she ended up keeping anyway. She had thought about her decision and her heart and future was with Edward. Yes she may have been a bit immature in Twilight, she didn't understand completely, but certainly by Eclipse she did. There are no guarantee's in life anyway, she had already lived without him and knew what she was going to give up so Rosalie should have respected that. I think a large part of Rosalie's problem was Bella succeeded where Rosalie failed. She turned Edwards head, and Rosalie doesn't like Rejection. Even when Bella asked Rosalie for help with her pregnancy, if it was just about the fact she was throwing away her chances, then she would have cared more for Bella knowing the baby would kill her. But at the end of the day, Rosalie only wanted to get the baby. It didn't matter about Bella. So no, its not Justified.

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They better on the UK edition as well otherwise its so not fair!!