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Very interesting ..
Hopefully some useful (and economically realistic) technology comes from this funding!

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Part 3)

I know of companies that have started their own (internal) Wikipedia/facebook, and they do quite well because of the same reasons:
1) these communities contain valuable information (that is valuable to everyone), and
2) this valuable information is generated by the self-interest of its participants.

I think ChEnected's best chance at sustainable growth is replicating this model - a sort of 'ChEki' or 'WiChE' (you get the idea). By encouraging participants to create (emphasis on!) practical and useful material, ChEnected can have a wealth of valuable knowledge that generates itself.

This ChE-Wikipedia might require a better medium for idea-sharing, though. I personally have found the blog interface quite difficult to work with in this respect ..

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Part 2)

I think Wikipedia is a good model to look at here.
Wikipedia is successful because:
1) it contains (a lot of) information (that everyone values), and
2) it generates this information automatically.
Wikipedia is possible because people like talking about themselves, and putting what they know out for others to see; people acting in their own self-interest create value for others.

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Part 1)

I think you can rephase the question 'What would make ChEnected better?' to 'Why would anyone consistently come back to this ChEnected website?'

In principle, the answer is simple - people will consistantly visit the site if they consider its material valuable.

I think the next two logical questions to ask are:
1) What do people value (in the context of a website like this)?,
2) and how do we create this valued material?

Answering these questions, I can only speak from my own perspective:

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Thanks for the review. This book sounds legitimately interesting .. I've always been interested in history ...

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Like Greg, I use VBA.

I think Dr. E. B. Nauman is right, but I will say VBA is limited. If not implemented judiciously, VBA can make a spreadsheet unusable, and get you into situations that you don't want to be in (e.g. being responsible for a 'broken' spreadsheet at work). They can also be enormous (non-value-added) time sinks.

That said, VBA is still very useful! (and Greg is working on a Macro/Function/VBA/Programming post right now. he'll try to include something about interactions with other applications in there too)

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Greg doesn't use a Mac. He was simply capitalizing on the fact that he was pictured using a Mac in the article.

Greg, in fact, has never used Excel on a Mac.
(he's sorry for the confusion)

-Todd on behalf of Greg

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I personally would appreciate a back-to-basics class - movin' stuff through pipes style (but more practical material, and less theory). That is something I would definitely participate in.