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I wonder how much The LIAR in Chief spent on his last State Dinner ???

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............and yet the Senate Free Cafeteria and Free Gymnasium remain open !!!

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Since when has The LIAR in Chief EVER accepted responsibility for ANYTHING !!!

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THIS is NOT News, THIS has been going on for the past 3+ years !!!
Waste and Abuse of Taxpayers $$$'s is something that The LIAR in Chief and HIS Family think they are entitled to !!!
Three things I have that The LIAR in Chief will NEVER get from ME..........................MY Respect, MY Vote and MY Campaign Contribution !!!
"NEVER !!!"

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The LIAR in Chief is not called The Narcissistic Man Child in the Oval Office for NOTHING !!!
Geography apparently taught HIM that the world revolves around HIM !!!

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One MORE non legislative mandate from The Liar in Chief !!!
FREE contraceptives to everyone that wants them !!!
That un legislated mandate to the Insurance Co's. will just be passed along to their customers with increased premiums !!!
NOTHING that the Liar in Chief said would be FREE will ultimately be FREE !!!
This is just another dangerous example by The Liar in Chief that HE does not have to comply with the U.S. Constitution or the Congress !!!
It's just one MORE reason why I, and others should NOT be Voting for 4 more years of this Tyrannical Narcissistic Man Child in Nov. !!!
HE believes that HE is above the Laws of the Land and can do whatever HE wants in HIS efforts to control the people of this Nation !!!

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I'm sure that the Muslim Male Leaders of Iran are shaking in their sandals after being warned by a Female American Woman !!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

Maybe she will sic the Muslim Liar in Chief in the Oval Office of them if they don't play nice ???

NOTHING more than lip service coming from the Media Whore seeking Headline Time !!!

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....................and AGAIN the Buck never seems to stop in the Oval Office ???

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.................but earlier Little Al Capone Jr. in the Oval Office said that the Solyndra mess was all set up by Congress !!!

The Liar in Chief is having a hard time keeping HIS LIES straight !!!

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Has anyone else noticed that Little Al Capone Jr. in the Oval Office CANNOT take ANY personal responsibility for ANY of HIS actions ???
HE does have a bad habit of waving that boney finger at everyone else as being the cause of HIS problems !!!
I do believe the term Narcissistic Man Child does apply here !!!