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So... no coverage of the shit he's done as a dictator other than a few fines this season? Nice title, poor execution. How about the renewed hand-checking rules, the addition of the defensive three second violation, the star-focused, anti-team marketing and the "you shall show no emotion on the court when foul calls don't go your way" bullshit?

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What are you talking about? This is 100% original content.

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An IPA has to be exceptional to impress me, this one is not exceptional.

A great IPA is a nice treat, but I typically only drink one, then switch to my more preferred styles like witbier, porter, lager, etc. I don't think having a preference on styles is a bad thing, even as a beer reviewer. Just so my review was fair, I made sure to disclose my opinion of the style.

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It has already flown. It successfully completed a 3700 mile trip from London to Timbuktu in February. This is the commercial version, which primarily features aesthetic/body upgrades.

"this press release means nothing until we see it in flight." Here it is, in flight:

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To all the knocks on the Williams sisters-- note that this is a list of the 10 hottest women at Wimbledon 2009. That means these are the ten best looking players at this event, out of a relatively small number of competitors. Why are the Williams sisters on here? 1) You'll have to look at the other players yourself to understand why they would not make this list. 2) Many of us, including the author, loves women of color and is proud that the two of them are here.

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While I'd agree that Summer Ale is not one of Sam Adams' better brews, it's actually rated quite well. 1,012 of the educated beer fanatics over at BeerAdvocate have rated Sam Adams Summer Ale, giving it an average rating of B-. In general, Sam Adams beers rank very highly amonst beer fans. You may not have enjoyed that one, but 1,012 educated beer reviewers would disagree with you.

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Hey Logan! Great to hear from you :)

Should you decide to revise those designs, you know we'd be thrilled to publish them. If you make some time in a few weeks, shoot me an email!


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Hey Mike-- it actually won't be produced at all going forward. The Senate voted to kill production of the F-22 altogether.