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Instead of the other knee jerk objections laid out by other posters, I'd like to voice my objections reasonably.

The article is offensive and degrading. It is offensive to those males (and there are many) who are not meeting the so-called societal obligations of a "good man" because the labor market cannot employ them. It is degrading because it contends that a male MUST exchange their time for wages (regardless of how insignificant or menial the labor) for society to consider that male a "good man".

Is it really honorable for a college educated male to be flipping burgers to feed a family full processed food which consequences are poor health and hygiene? To the economically literate the answer is, NO. It is poor and inefficient use of resources, and to simply excuse the inefficiency by extolling the poor schmuck who makes it all possible a "good man" borders on malice.

Wake the hell up sheeple.