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I find this terribly depressing. The Americans have swamped the climate change and global warming sites with deniers and Fox news and Lord Monkton etc have convinced the world that its all a scam.In the meantime NASA record that Co2 levels have just gone over 389 PPM.

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I like the magazine and its general theme of bringing together articles from around the world. Lovelock is most probably right as the NASA website has just recorded a new CO2 record level of 389ppm.
Each country needs to work on its own plan and I don't think the New Zealand government can be taken seriously about climate change and its green credentials until it has a plan to close Huntly power station. We have plenty of alternative energy sources and should have a real plan of action to utilize them.

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There is an excellent piece on the organisation of the deniers by Naomi Orsekes of the University of California. It's on YouTube under UCTV (University of California Television) and it takes about an hour but it is very entertaing and gives a good insight on the background and the type of people they are.