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What about skilled worker visas? ;)

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Wayan, I'm sure Jon will respond with more details, but anyone with
skills and patience can contact their local schools and invite kids to
shadow them, work on individual projects, and take advantage of
professional expertise a few days a week.

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Aside from a quality/quantity problem, it’s a huge deal just getting the int’l NGO/aid community talking to local developers. Where do you find local programmers? How do you judge their quality? In most African cities, the solution isn’t as simple as cracking open a phone book, and where tech communities aren’t well developed, local staff may or may not know someone who knows someone who might know a developer.

As much as int’l projects might want to engage the local sector, if they can’t find them quickly and easily, they’re going to go with international consultants, even if it’s a slower, more expensive route. Strengthening and formalizing local tech communities can go a long ways towards getting international projects in touch with local coders.

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I've used that image in three different posts now. It's quite
illustrative of what connections are like in this part of the world.

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WordPress has a few plugins that do this as well. I'll put together a
post on designing for low-bandwidth users later this week. Web
developers can also "outsource" a lot of javascript to Google and
Yahoo, depending on their libraries of choice.

Thanks for the information about Drupal!

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Katrin, all of our content is licensed under the Creative Commons
Share-Alike 3.0 licence. There's an icon at the top of each post, but
I'll see what I can do to make it more clear. Anyway, this means
you're more than welcome to repost!

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Fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

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Tobenna, do you have more information about free off-peak use? For which carriers? I pulled all of the data from operator websites, but if you've got something more up-to-date, please post it, and I'll revise the math.

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@jongos Here's an interesting legal analysis . Well worth reading!

Essentially, TechCrunch could be on the line for three things: 1) publishing confidential company info/ trade secrets, 2) invaison of privacy, 3) reciept of stolen property. However, each of these are subject to limitaitons under the first admendment.

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Let's be clear about something here. TechCrunch's authors may or may not consider themselves journalists, but journalism isn't what pays the bills. Page views pay the bills. One of the things that separates journalists from (some) bloggers is the line the between editorial offices and advertising offices.

Arrington's notorious for his willingness to publish just about anything. That's why his audience is so large. That's why whomever stole the information sent it to him.

Is he complicit in a crime? Probably not. Arrington's many things, but stupid is not one of them. He's very clear that he checked with TechCrunch's lawyers deciding to share the information.

Is publishing the information unethical? Well, let's wait and see what he publishes. If it's gossipy fluff like today's Twitter TV piece, it's a pretty minor infraction. If it's information that's damaging to Twitter and their future plans to monetize the service, I'd say the ethical considerations are much larger.

Either way, $$ rolls in for TechCrunch.