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Not sure why my above comment didn't link to my IntenseDebate profile...
My recent post New Facebook Ads Manager

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Wei thanks for the reference to my article, but I would suggest that its always best to censor any personally identifiable aspects such as your full name or velocity membership number from the images in the article. You never know where it might end up, referenced or used by a media organisation.

If you look closely at the email they sent they don't actually even say sorry... that's the first thing that I would expect if it was an actual mistake... but if our previous Prime Minister had issue with the word maybe its up to Richard Branson to say sorry....

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@Douglas at the request of my clients I have spoken to some of the services listed in #3, they often using a plugin to serve the links. Google can easily scan the blogs for those with this javascript and discount the link or if you are really pushing their buttons, get de-indexed...

Other bloggers have also pointed out that before you confirm your purchase you are supplied with the websites/pages where your link will go so its easy enough for someone in Google's spam team to also get this information. There are legitimate ways to build links that do not require ongoing payments to link brokers...

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interesting, always good to see new features

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I agree radian6 looks a little more visual which clients love, i always considered sm2 as more a brand/social management system that you draw data from and place into client reports