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I enjoyed Spongebob when I was in high school and actively watched it.

Oh and Joel you got linked in a MaximumPC feature:

Get ready for some new IPs visiting the site!

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Hey Joel! Your Edward shirt made an appearance on a tech website:

I directed people to the store and the comic to a get a look into your crazy world!

Have an awesome day!

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I'd have to agree with you Joel, I loved the movie. I was very happy to see them not try to get overly technical on how the machine worked allowing you to enter someone else's dream. That just leads to people asking questions that aren't about the actual story.

Oh and I just thought I'd throw this out there, it's not exactly an original story. I've been hearing it get compared to the movie Paprika by some Podcasts I listen to. I've heard if you like Inception you'd like Paprika.

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Good move, I watched both recently and I regret seeing Clash but loved Hot Tub Time Machine.

Rob Corddry "Oh god its so black! So impossibly black!"

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Is that a Honda Fit you're driving Joel? I want that car, especially now that I know it can fit a body in the trunk.

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Oh Joel, how you combine two things I never would have associated together and make something funny out of them is beyond me. But I'm just happy to be a witness to it.

I remembered the Voyager episode from watching it in high school, it was very over the top but I hadn't realized how bad it was until I got into some TNG goodness.

Those SSD's are expensive, is Josh wearing his money hat from Borderlands good showing?

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I didn't realize how much I missed listening to your casts' till I listened to the new ones! You guys are just so funny when you shoot the shit.

So, in my thanks I will give you the website I have been using to stream Big Bang Theory from:

Here in, Not The USA (aka Canada), we often have to resort to sites like this to stream shows. The website itself has ads, but the stream loads instantly and with no commercials. Resolution is low though.

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Eli: "In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and Edward James Olmos"

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Whoaaa, Denise's eyes are so big.

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Oh Michael Bay, is there nothing you won't explode?