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I live in Portland, Oregon and I'm not optimistic that the legislature will ever pursue nullification. Multnomah County seems content to drag down the rest of the state into the statist nightmare, e.g., Kitzaber's election. But we did get a Republican elected in my state district and I've given him my own copy of Nullification for the event that it does become a possibility.

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While we certainly shouldn't give up voting, we should realize that it is only one small process in maintaining republican government. It's been a difficult choice for me, however, to decide between voting on pure principle and conscience or voting "strategically." Interestingly, Murray Rothbard would support candidates who were not pure in principle but on net were better for liberty. He, of course, was as pure a libertarian as one can be but understood that the state cannot be reduced (or abolished) in one fell swoop. The problem is, though, that we are still going in the other direction.

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A very nice follow up to "Immigration and Naturalization" Thank you!

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I would like you to cite the "scientific" studies to which you refer that prove effectiveness of water fluoridation, and more importantly, studies that confirm its safety. And what is in the springs is calcium fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral in water which, in small amounts, can be beneficial to health. Sodium fluoride is an industrial grade hazardous waste bi-product from the mining and fertilizer industries.

The studies that indicate neurological and other damage from ingesting sodium fluoride are voluminous. If you want to use fluoride to protect you teeth, it should be applied topically. You should not be ingesting it as it is a cumulative poison. Perhaps a reading of the warning on the back of your fluoridated toothpaste will remind you of this danger. Water fluoridation is medical quackery. And drugging the water supply is unethical no matter what you think about its effectiveness.

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Two city blocks is a bit misleading to those not familiar with New York City though. Those city blocks are huge and the mosque location isn't even within site of Ground Zero. Tourists that come to see Ground Zero will never see it unless they feel like wandering out to the nearly deserted areas like where the mosque is located.

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Indeed, the corporatist state masquerading as a free society has caused a lot of harm.

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I wonder how many of these state legislators are getting copies of Nullification. Maybe it would be helpful to start an initiative to get all of them copies - similar to one called Books for Congress, which sent copies of The Creature from Jekyll Island to federal reps and senators. I think if the states start using language from the Principles of '98 that Tom Woods provides in his book, they will have an even stronger case against unconstitutional actions of the Feds.