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I agree with everything but the Adam comment, he is WAY to hyper!

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I would watch Jeffrey! Melissa is to frenetic for me, but I can appreciate that she would appeal to others. I just prefer a calm show!

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Good One! I would love to know what some of the non-winners from this as well as past seasons are doing. (Well, besides Adam who I used to like before he got ridiculously ADHD!

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I agree Jeffrey is the better trained chef, and have been a fan of his since day one. Course, I like calm, lol, I think when they say "FN Star", they are looking for marketability which they seem to think Melissa is a better choice for, can't say I agree, I feel a show could use Jeffreys calm demeanor, his concept, and still be interesting enough for me to watch without feeling like I am watching a hamster running on a wheel, LOL

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Well, if they didn't before, after Robert Irvine's mess they prob do now, LOL.

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Food Network is very active in charity work, both as a network, and with its individual chefs. For Example...Share Our Strength, Food Network's charity partner and the leading national organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger, has launched Operation No Kid Hungry, and Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman is part of National Doodle Day, Celebrity doodles (including Duff's) were auctioned on eBay. The funds they raised will benefit NF, Inc., an organization dedicated to providing support to individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic disorder that affects one in every 2,500 births, as well as many, many more.

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I believe the judging criteria is for more than just their food. They must be marketable (Susie's specialty) if you read her bio, you would know she has greatly contributed to the Food Networks success, and therefore, is contributing her input on those criteria as well as we all know if we like food. Never forget, Susie was telling us to hang in there because she already knew Debbie would be gone, LOL.

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Absolutely Bill! His calm manner would be great for interacting with other cultures and then to be able to translate that recipe for us with readily available ingredients and techniques, now THAT would be interesting!

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Dear Suzie, I have to admit I do feel that the best 2 choices made it to the finals. It never ceases to amaze me how people, even the judges it seems sometimes, try to make everyone fit into a mold. I think it has been shown that even your runner ups will be used on the network if they "fit". I do not feel the every "star" needs to tell me about their past, (can we say Alton Brown, Bobby Flay), and I do not feel that they all need to have this sparkling, effervescent over the top personality. Melissa seems to be well liked by some, but frankly, makes me tired just watching her. I find Jeffrey's "zenlike" personality much more appealing. I Do not need to be shouted at, wound up, or "perkied" to death. On the other hand, I too would like to see him expand his cooking palette, I do not feel you need peppers in everything, (Gosh knows one Bobby Flay is enough), so I personally think that the time slot and show probably play the biggest part in the success of either of these personalities. I loved Anthony B, and think that Jeffrey could prob carry off a similar themed show, maybe with a twist of taking those dishes and demo'ing how the average cook could do. I feel Melissa is certainly a daytime slot, LOL.

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Shireen - wow - you must really be amazing, what is it you do, head chef somewhere, food critic or some other culinary genius? You say after 50 years of experience you know what a dish will taste like from its ingredients - I have cooked for over 40 years, and thank God, I can still be surprised. In fact, I have watched as other Chefs, critics and others on this show, and Top Chef Masters, have said, wow, you wouldn't think these ingredients would be good, but they are. So the fact that you are infallible and would instantly "know" unlike the rest of us, (trained and untrained), surely has earned you great accolades and culinary acclaim! (P.S. Should we be looking for you on the next TNFNS?