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And what part of the doctrine is wrong? If you are going to say that, then state what you are driving at. That is a tactic of the left. Make an accusation and move on without defending it.

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Agreed. In fact, the best way to defeat and/or damage their plans is to cut off the funding which is mostly petrodollars. That is no doubt one of the reasons the dems want us to be dependent on foreign oil and this administration is one of the worst in keeping us on it. Look at the gulf oil problem and the way they handled it along with all of the related things that have damaged our energy independence.

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@Lena: And you actually think this because you are one of the commies. The Klan were all Democrats. The Republican party was formed to end slavery. The civil rights laws past into law because of Republicans since the Democrats voted against it. It was the southern Democrats that established jim crow laws and the Republicans that overcame them. David Duke tried to run as a Republican, but was not accepted by the GOP. Robert Byrd was a grand kleigle (or something) in the klan and was a life-long Democrat and the Democrats never had a problem with that.
You either don't know who is who and believe the propaganda or are just spreading propaganda for the left wing cause. I suspect both are true.

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And the crusades were to combat the muslim attacks on christians passing through the middle east on the silk road to trade with India and China. They were attacked and most or all killed.

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Just scanning the first several sentences is enough to evaluate the worthiness of a review. Phrases such as "Your mother wears army boots" will quickly tell you the reviewer has nothing to say or the intellect to say it and thus spares you from wasting any more time.

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The Queen is Head of the Church of England and not the protestant church. There are many denominations of protestantism and nobody is at the head of all of them.

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When the Protestants came along the bible had already been established. The Protestants were the Catholics that got disgusted with what the church had become with indulgences and the like and followed Martin Luther in protesting (protest, the root word in Protestant) the actions of the church. They were protesting that the church wasn't following the teachings of the bible that the church had compiled for the world.

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Between movies, TV and video games, death is just a ho-hum thing to a large number of people. It doesn't seem real. It is a lot different than seeing someone die for real. Entertainment has dulled our senses to reality.

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This is another plausible explanation of accidental death instead of premeditated murder. Nothing proved premeditated murder, but plenty of evidence proved involvement. Still the correct verdict on the charge for which she was on trial.