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"It’s sort of natural, though, isn’t it, for Gaddafi to want to _______ Condi? (We cannot find a verb to put there that doesn’t turn our brain to poop, so go ahead and Mad Lib that one yourselves.) How many other ladies does Gaddafi know who got to run around the world with a top spot in a murderous regime and can keep a carefully maintained, famously weird hairdo? These two have “OKCupid profile match” written all over them, basically."

Keep it classy.

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I'm a Tour user myself. I pay for Telenav at $10 a month. Which comes out to $120 a year. If I use Telenav for more than a year, I end up paying more than I would for a TomTom straight up with no monthly service charge. I don't even hit the Garmin bottom line until $170.

You are correct that there are numerous other turn by turns but none are TomTom with their database, traffic info, etc. So if turn by turn is all you need, maybe TomTom isn't the choice. The whole package, including the name and support, are worth the price when you consider the convenience of convergence, and still paying less than a separate piece of hardware.

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Uh, yeah. That's exactly inline with what I'd expect. Why should TomTom charge less to you because you have an iPhone? Please, get over yourself.

You buy an iPhone because you want a convergence device. TomTom is giving you convergence. Yes you have to pay. You're not entitled to cheap software simply because you have an iPhone. What kind of sense of entitlement is that?

You pay LESS than if you bought a TomTom unit because you're not getting the mounting hardware. You don't get to have their IP, R&D and convenience simply because you paid AT&T and Apple for an iPhone.

Sorry. You're way off base here. WAY off base.

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Yeah, this might be my favorite shot ever.

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Feeds the Messiah complex, doesn't it?

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It is yummy. You can grab some at The Phoenix Emporium in Old Ellicott City. :)

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It is a beautiful shot, I admit. I adore it. You do know that is not the Green Monster, right? That is the first base line...

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K, I'll let you know what's up.

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My friend Jimmy and I, by the way, are talking about doing some night shooting in DC. Maybe around the new Pentagon Memorial. We'll probably do it next week so let me know.