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I find two points interesting

1. the fact that he references Africa as a unit with no clarification to which part of Africa he means. In other words he means black Africa as a unit, which he sees with no distinction either through language, culture or regional borders

just our plan (India) for those black people

2. he mostly discuesses the Indian agenda in Africa, how Indian investment is different from other forms of investment e.g European and American and Asian investment and what form that investment is taking primarily.

In it the dude isn't neccesarily advocating tech infrastructure gowth in Africa, but stating that India plans to invest in technology related businesses in Africa as they have done with Zain Nigeria and other telecommunication companies.

The rest is mindless PR

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I am not surprised, one in five Africans is Nigerian not to mention Nigeria has one of the best information infrastructure behind South Africa and maybe on par with Kenya.

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sounds like a great idea

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cool interview

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All the comments above are plain weird

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I don't think Apple will care or even set up aplan to start distributing the i thingy at affordable prices in the continent, maybe at twice the cost.

I think a Chinese or local clone is the thing that will cross over to local consumers, or second hand stuff.

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Africans like African Americans, I do anyway

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longest comment ever on TechMasai

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I care what the West says about Africa personally, I think it important as another perspective.

To clarify my point, the post was about the chronic Economic Effect Of Western Media Negative Focus On Africa. Africans Are Losing Money Through Bad Publicity. Simply

In a way it matters because money is lost

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I respect your opinion, but what are your reasons for such an emotional reaction?