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Yeah definitely the commander in chief, not like this has to go through the congress and senate right? Definitely the commander in chief...... sigh How about we elect a president that believes in a comic book of a religion, he will definitely right the ship.....

and yeah that was sarcasm!

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It's english bud. Would you move to another country that didn't speak english but not bother to learn the local language and try and operate in their country using only english? Good ruck with that!

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Freeloaders complaining that their handout isn't enough. End the treaties and join the rest of the tax paying country, time to join us in the 21st Century please.

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Tastes like chicken? LOL I'm thinking we should ship all our crows to Bama!

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He has enough cash to pay for the fines like these so I'm guessing he really just doesn't care! Hopefully the world will stop prosecuting over such a harmless drug, omg Snoop has the munchies watch out!!

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That's what happens during spring runoff, the fish will be fine.

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Dear City Council people, vote this down and you are voting to remove yourself from office. Thank you.

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Yeah deleted the post because obviously it wasn't the information I wanted to quote, for which I also apologized for. I agree Obama hasn't necessarily held up to his promises and don't even get me started on the retarded Health Plan he tried to shove down our throats in the name of history, GAG!! You have to admit though that he has probably had the most embattled senate and congress stopping him from doing anything productive, except for help him push through the Health Plan by instead of fixing it just adding in their parties needs to the piece of crap bill. The "you people" i was referencing was to those who blame Obama for gas prices, that I still believe to be Capt. Floppy Ears problem that was started long before Obama took office and do you think the republicans will side with him to cut their tax breaks or re-regulate the oil industry? Hell no they won't so you can't blame him. Unless you have other info that I am missing, I don't claim to have all the answers or info as that would be impossible. Is it so hard to believe that a guy who failed several oil businesses before taking office would make it much easier for all his rich friends with oil companies to rake in the cash, maybe payback for running his companies into the ground? Just pure speculation but probably not to far from the truth with all the information that is out there about it. I'm only in my mid 30's so I didn't get to experience the Carter bomb, my personal least favorite would be Bush Jr. just too fresh to forget.

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I think the major issue that spawned this movement is most non apple tablets on the market are droid based. I think it is a good move by Microsoft to build this from the ground up so that manufacturers have a base design to work with the new Windows 8 OS. Your phones/tablets are going to be the baseline hardware for computing in the future, walk into the office, set your tablet/phone on a docking station and have monitor and keyboard to work with at that point. Check out "A day made of glass pt 1 & 2" from Corning on YouTube if you like geeky futuristic technology!

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My bad, posted Nov. 09 stats instead of Nov. 08 stats. The Bureau of Labor Statistics avg gas prices during the term of Bush is quite interesting. And since it is a govt. site I am quoting this time am I still being fed by mainstream media? That and not sure how quoting statistical data is "mainstream media" anyways but I guess that can be conversation that can be saved for another time. Jan2000 1.356, Jan2004 1.635, Jan2008 3.096, and wow right around the elections, Oct2008 3.225 then Nov2008 2.208 by the end of the year Dec2008 it was back down to 1.742. Also gas avg went over 4 bucks a gallon on Jun2008 4.115 and Jul2008 4.142 and that avg never went over 4 bucks a gallon once (yet, not saying it won't but just stating facts here) during Obama's term. The other thing is only the Gas companies know why the price is as high as it is, they will tell you supply and demand and when that isn't the case it is about the price of a barrel of oil. Their story changes more than the heads of office. I tell you one thing, they are adding snake oil into the mix on a consistent basis and the only people who will argue for big oil are stockholders and employees, everyone else thinks you people are greedy F#&$. And those that blame Obama for having to ride out Bush's aftermath, fine, but you are either really short sighted or stupid.