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Adam, I would encourage you to be Spirit-driven as far as car rides. There are times when I see people walking on the side of the road or see a homeless man that needs a ride and I honestly feel that I should pull over. I know the feeling- it's a deep conviction in my heart that the Lord is calling me to them. It's undeniable and unavoidable. And let me say- I have experienced some pretty cool situations.

Two priceless stories:

1. The Hispanic Man- My first time giving someone a ride. Drove by him, saw he was out of gas, and knew I was supposed to help him. I tried to convince myself out of it, but by the time I was a couple minutes down the road, it was so deeply on my heart that I had to turn around. I took him to the gas station and somehow God came up. I told him what I believed - we were talking about a Creator. We were half-way through the conversation when we got back to his car, and then for some reason I said goodbye and left. I was a few miles down the road and God was like, "WHAT are you doing? You didn't finish telling him about me. You left him hanging!" So I turned around again, finished the conversation, and the guy ends up giving his life to Jesus! Then his brother-in-law shows up, he finds out about the decision, and tells me he has been praying for this guy for months!

2. First Homeless Man- I was downtown Greenville, SC heading home after a night on the town and saw him with his long hair and huge coat. "Pull over and do what he says", the Holy Spirit said. My buddy looked at me like I was crazy, but we went for it. The guy asked for a ride and some food. Of course I gave it to him. I felt like there was no other option than to obey. The greatest part about it for me was to hear him talk about the homeless life. He said that he had all he needed- Jesus.

There are times when we are called to do things that everyone else would say are crazy. But a calling is a calling. And do I think everyone should give homeless men rides? NO. Especially not females like my sisters! But when you are supposed to and you do, I have found the risk is way worth it. Every single instance regarding homeless people over the years has been incredible. Most of them are incredibly humble and spending that time with them can be good for getting your heart right.

PS Glad my parents aren't reading this. They would fall over. =)

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Hmm. I feel like this is a rabbit.

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I was in 7th grade PE class when the 1st one hit. My teacher pulled out the TV and we were watching the News coverage. I switched classes and kept watching in Geology. While we were watching, the 2nd plane hit. That's when everything changed and it went from accident to attack. I remember feeling the sorrow for all the people on those planes and their families. A good memory is gathering with a few of my buddies in class and praying for the people of New York. We continued to watch that day as word came about the Pentagon and Pennsylvania field crash. My mom was out of town and I remember the peace that came once our entire family (6 of us) was together again. 8 years.