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So, the other night I was doing a gig with a drummer, lap steel player, and a horn guy. I was sending MIDI clock to the steel guy's effects, sending the drummer a separate headphone mix with a click, and treating the horns using effects plugins. Oh - and I was playing Absynth 4 synth parts and running loops programmed in Reason, all on a 4-year-old Macbook Pro running Ableton Live 8. Live makes doing all of those things, on the fly, really really simple. Live has its weird tics and flaws, and after using Pro Tools for years it's hard to get used to the behaviors of the Arrange view, but damn if don't make actually making music easier than any other software ever has.

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Been using 8 with an APC since August with no worries (knocking furiously on wood). Just did the update and I'll watching it closely. I have a show in a couple of weeks so we'll see. But so far I can honestly say that the only glitches I've had using 8 onstage or in the studio have been of the PEBCAS variety.

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Dropped this into a new track in the works and having fun with it - built a quick boom kick and some little high perc sounds. Love the filters.

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These guys have been Top 5 at my house for a while now. If you want to lose and couple of hours and then decide to quit music forever, check out their YouTube chanel.

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This is what it would look like if Tonka and Hummer's industrial design teams started collaborating on music kit. Good Lord...

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Thanks - now every one of these boards will be $500+ on eBay.

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I was listening to some of Cage's prepared piano works this weekend. I get why some people don't understand or like it, but he speaks directly to me. I discovered him while in high school, and it rewired my brain. He's the grandaddy of ambient, found sound, noise, minimalist, all of it. There were others before him, but he distilled and focused things in a way that IMHO leads directly to electronic experimentation circa right now.

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I wonder if, in all that knobbery, there's one marked "UGLY" that has an OFF position...

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I use Absynth on almost every track...now. When I first popped the hood I was pretty baffled, but I've gotten to where I understand about .05% of what it can do. It's become essential. Plus also, I got it for free with my interface!

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