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I simply have no words for this episode. I was rendered speechless then, and again after reading your expertly crafted rundown. Thanks again for the great article! We simply must keep the Light shining! A story this phenomenal is just screaming to continue!

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ROFL! Okay, I feel like I was just watching the episode again! It's certainly become one of my GL faves ... ranking right up their with Olivia's graveyard confession, naturally, and the hospital 'near-smooch'. What Guiding Light is doing is groundbreaking and touching. It is so refreshing to see a wider spectrum of life represented on daytime TV -- particularly in such an intelligent, romantic, and tender manner. Thanks again, TIffany, for making me life! You are a riot!

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The podcast was fantastic, as expected! Can't wait for the next one! It is so exciting that both Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia have been so inviting and giving of their time! We love you, Desti! Without you, the purple peeps would have never come to be! Keep the Light shining!

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We at BPD love our international fans!! It really brings to light how far-reaching the Otalia storyline is, and how much of a positive impact is being made. It is so much fun interacting with such a diverse group! If you haven't checked out Bonnie and Scooby with their 'Brit Girls Do' Otalia run-down, it is a MUST! Thanks, Tiffany, for another fun interview! Keep the Light shining!

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Love, love, love Orlagh Cassidy! I'm so glad this interview notice popped into my Twitter feed! Doris is simply hilarious, and I look forward to more interaction between her and her ... uhm ... "constituents" in the future! Her Otalia-centric role means I adore her even more! If she and Alan were to hook up again, Springfield would surely never be the same! (I'm glad she wasn't wearing a hat in that snazzy photo ... would have been a shame being unable to recognize her.) Keep the Light shining!