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Trials don't work. You've either got to do saturation levels of hire stations & bikes, or don't bother. It takes real commitment from the local authority. I wrote a quick blog post about the Bristol hire scheme (another half-hearted failure) a few years back, on Paris Velib's first birthday:

It quotes a video from France: “cities who made too small an organisation, too small [a] network, don’t have real success”

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No problem, Giles! Have you seen Rachel Andrew's Open Source Reuse App post? http://www.rachelandrew.co.uk/archives/2010/10/09...

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Thanks Andy. I just did a few judicious search and replace operations (motorist=junkie; petrol=crack; unleaded=ecstacy etc.). Any quality of writing can be traced back to the original article, itself a churned pressed release from RMI Petrol, which was all over the press like a rash.

A proper journalist would look at wider issues of car dependency (63% car modal share in the UK according to the National Travel Survey!) and question whether that's a good thing, or join up the dots with regard to wider issues of public health, local and global environment, obesity etc. but that would be asking too much of journalists these days (as detailed in Flat Earth News).

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Hi Cheerful,

Let's put it down to the zealotry of a then-new cycle commuter who couldn't quite believe what goes on.

I've changed jobs now - I commute by car and see things from more sides. Which is another way of saying "I agree with you".

What I would say, though, is that cyclists tend to get caught between the pedestrian and vehicular worlds, and not really catered to in a meaningful way.

Thanks for stopping by :)


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Hi Sam, Yep, I'm in the club, and it does feel good. Cheers!

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Hi Jeremy,

Sorry about that - I moved hosting, and it seemed that no-one was using the forum so I didn't bother migrating it. I will have a look into forum options.



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Mike - self-promote away :) I hadn't seen your pic - cheers!

I think the Cycling City project has been beset by political infighting, with Mark Bradshaw (ex head of transport at the council) accusing the new administration of being slow to get the project moving, when not very much happened under his watch either.

Changes have to be extensive to counter the complete car-dependency that we've assembled over the last half-century, but it takes guts and political will (not just £22m) to do. You can't just promote cycling; you have to disincentivise driving too.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your comment. We're certainly not alone (though it often feels that way!). Have you ever been to/seen Greenbelt? Lots of thoughtful, thought-provoking justice-related stuff (and great music) from a different end of the Christian spectrum.



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Hi Aaron, that's great - thanks for your help :)

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I'm modifying a script that I've inherited, which uses your $RF function. The function doesn't pass the jslint.com test because you're declaring vars that have already been defined as parameters in the function signature (el, radioGroup).

Any chance you could run the function through jslint.com and get it to pass? Thanks in anticipation.