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Apparently the "crossing of the line" has do with her making reference to his wife in a comedy advert, because the comment made is in no way defamatory according to my layman's understanding.

I am no fan of Rachel Price, but her remarks were fair. The Prez' wife must dress more appropriately, if she is to be respected by the citizenry. As far as I know prior to his very public office, it has been alleged that she has a habit of dressing inappropriately in the courts.

The president should be focusing his attention and providing direction on all the ills and injustices taking place under this regime. Oh I forgot it's this regime that appointed him.

I am so ashamed that after all this time without a murmur, this is what he decides to bark about. What social benefits are we to derive as a country from this brouhaha of his making?

Mr. President please be a man and ensure next time that your wife through her attire represents herself, you and the country in a respectable manner.

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This is just a 'political' win to appease the emotions of the Jamaicans and the tensions between the two countries. Jamaicans I am sure aint falling for dat!

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I always knew that the original judgment was illogical. Because had this gone to the esteemed Privy Council Mr. Dumas would have won hands down. He might have lost had it been the CCJ.

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It seems like the TTPS is hiring criminals in its ranks. Officers entering in the service should only be made permanent after five years, once they have an unblemished record. As a matter of fact it's time to hire officers on contract. Almost everyday we read of officers committing criminal acts. What foolishness is that?

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This ongoing ban on Nigeria is troubling since it seems that Ebola is now becoming that long-awaited excuse to ban Africans from entering our country while persons of other ethnic origins are free to enter our unhindered. Black people better open their eyes and see what's going on.

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Well done Ms. Pope! However, the Express could have published a picture of you along with your story.

Could someone indicate when the scholarship list will be published in the media.

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Well done, young man! Your community should celebrate you and host a motorcade so that upcoming and aspiring students can have hope. Thanks to your uncle for playing such an integral role.

Laventille people are people too!

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As long as Prison Officers or other members of the Protective Services abuse their authority unjustifiably on those under their care /charge they should be made to pay from their pockets. It's time to have such policy in place.

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Seales, an attorney so called, must indicate whether Dr. Rowley ever took physical possession of the bullet shells.Now we see why the detection rate is so low for it is not only that residents fail to come forward and provide needed information, but that the police themselves are also derelict in the performance of their duties. Policing in T&T has become fashionable. It's a pose here for selfie, or ice-bucket challenges by so-called crime sleuths. There are many police officers who cannot make convincing arguments/testimony in court so they rather intimidate and where necesary eliminate.

With officers like Seales and the justice system that we have, it is all the more reason why we should retain the Privy Council, because everything is failing in this society bit by bit daily.

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Rumbooboo, agree! However, I believe that the police officer did not use best practice in a situation like that. So you take away the drugs but you made no arrest. In other words you gave the perpetrators a "bligh'. But the 'ungrateteful' perpetrator not happy about the situation decides to follow and taunt you thereby a struugle ensues for his weapon and a shot was fired hitting the victim.

Why single handedly make an arrest in such an atmostphere and not move as team to address the situation? Was he the only officer at the fete? He as the arresting officer is supposed to have crowd cover from his police peers since the situation could have turned volatile. On face value the latter eyewitness reports seem a bit more credible.This officer needs proper training and a thorough investiation is definitely required.