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Remember the US intelligence report that said that Iran had terminated its nuclear weapon program? Does Panetta really know what the Iranians are doing, or is he simply continuing his effort to prevent a preemptive attack on Iran? The only country in the world that has threatened to destroy another country with nuclear weapons since WWII is Iran. If the Obama Administration is still there, when the first Iranian bomb explodes, Panetta will be among the first to condemn it. In the meantime, his mission seems not to do anything to prevent the Iranian bomb, but rather, to prevent anyone else from doing anything to prevent it. Sort of like the Obama Administration's position on illegal immigration.

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Who do they think they are? Saudi Arabia?

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Just think, the majority of American Jewish voters voted for this guy.

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The fact that this "lady" has never been charged with treason and locked up is evidence of the extent to which the country suffers from a weakening of the morals and ethics that made it great.

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These "enablers" want desparately to be accepted in the One World that they seek, and they bitterly resent the attention that Israel excites in a largely anti-Semitic world. In their twisted minds, the reason that they are derided as "infidels" is that Israel exists, and they cling to the absurdity that if there was no Israel there would be no anti-Semitism.

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What a SURPRISE. Obama's candidate to bring democracy to Egypt has emerged.

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 <DIV>I appreciateyour comment. I was well awareof Baker and Vance, but only recall one instance reading of Hillary's spewing anti-Semitic rants. I believe thatthe sourcewas Dick Morris. Can you refer me to another credible source of quotes? </DIV> <DIV>Thanks,</DIV> <DIV>Syd Chaden</DIV> <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial">

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Perhaps this is the explanation for the anti-Israel stances of our State Department.

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Weiner's constituents will forgive him and vote for him again. There is no reason for him to be remorseful, except, of course, for getting caught. He has, to the best of his ability, emulated Bill Clinton, and accordingly, should enjoy the same response that Clinton received. Questionable morals, lying, falsely accusing others, are, as Weiner says, not against the law, certainly for a Congressman or President, and therefore, there is no reason that he should not remain in office. Further, since he has acted presidential, WEINER FOR PRESIDENT!