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It would be hard for me to calculate. But what i do know is that I don't want my tax dollars going to the oil and coal industries!

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If that's all the capacity you have to do, we would love your help! But if you can do more, we're looking for people to engage others in social media spaces to educate them on offsets, to monitor news and trending topics, and to help us with our online campaigns--basically we need more hands to do what we do!

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Peter - I totally agree. That the Chevy Volt does something we should have had years and years ago doesn't negate the success that we finally get one. I think this highlights the ongoing trend in the automotive industry and in others that more fuel efficient and climate-friendly technologies are the wave of the future.

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Check out NRDC\'s resource guide that explains global warming: <a href="" target="_blank">

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Carbon offsets are not about guilt, they\'re about taking responsibility for the carbon footprint that you currently have. It is impossible to have a carbon neutral footprint. Our society is structure in such a way that makes carbon emissions unavoidable, but\'s work to support renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation have helped us move toward a social structure that is carbon neutral.\'s partnership with Hyundai is supporting crucial reforestation projects around the world. Deforestation causes almost 25% of all global warming emissions and we congratulate Hyundai\'s contribution to slowing our loss of biodiversity and culture caused by deforestation. Read more about our partnership with Hyundai here: <a href="" target="_blank">

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I'm still having problems with this. For some reason, when we approve a comment by email, it gets posted on the blog as a comment, "approved". What's the deal?

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Please sign me up to test!

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I think the tshirt is great

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:o ACK! That jellyfish is huge!

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For another interesting read, check out this article in the Washington Post about Chris Van Hollen's Cap and Dividend bill, another option for how we can deal with capping carbon and reducing our global warming emissions: