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very good and very depressing!

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The treachery, calumny and malfeasance of corrupt trade union officers like Beck, Hoffa and Fitzimmons are both widely known and legendary; still, they pale in comparison to those of the gluttonous corporate titans who receive 30 million dollar bonuses for driving their companies into the ground, annihilating the savings of countless hard working Americans in the process.

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I am a hardcore rightie, but continue to be disappointed by my conservatave colleagues' lock-step vilification of the trade union movement. Surely, as believers in the free market system, we must agree that workers have the same right to sell their labor to an employer at the the highest negotionable rate as has that employer to sell his product to the consumer at the highest competetive price. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
I suspect that the great majority of my fellow rednecks enjoys a forty-hour week, holiday leave, workers' compensation provisions and paid sick leave. Do you believe that these fair and just benefits simply appeared out of thin air, or that magnanimous employers examined their consciences and conveyed them out of the goodness of their loving hearts? If you do, perhaps you might be interested in the fine pair of breeding mules I have for sale.

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Totally agree with your analysis.
There is an easy solution to all this; recruit a few retired SEALs to storm the Rice family compound and take all those therein hostage, to be released the moment Condi files her nomination papers and commits to Palin as her running mate.
The GOP has shot itself in the foot so seriously this time that Ms Rice is now our only realistic hope of winning back the country.

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If there exists on earth one group of people which needs no politically correct affirmative action to legitamize the status of its music, it is black Americans. I speak as one who in my youth obsessively bloodied my fingers trying to duplicate (alas, quite unsuccessfully) the licks of Robert Johnson, Charlie Christian and Albert King.
Music acknowledges no color distinctions; crap is crap, be it black, white, olive or purple.

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Back in the 'fifties and 'sixties, when I was young, blacks and whites joined together to fight for complete equality for blacks as well as for other disenfranchised peoples. In case anyone hasn't yet noticed the fact - we won. Sadly, the great majority of my erstwhile yoke-fellows and their descendents appear to be unaware of this reality, and continue to soldier on well after the bell under increasingly irrelevent, fatuous, banal and counterproductive pretexts.
Most parents understand that to uncritically praise and reward one's child for all its behaviors, be they acceptable or not, will cause that child to grow up with unrealistic expectations of the outside world which will propel him into early frustrated, immature and self-defeating coping strategies.
Please, my fellow superannuated flower children, try to understand that blacks are just as capable as are whites of cranking out bovine excreta masked as art. Just because a performer happens to be black shouldn't imply that we must tug at our forelocks and proclaim him a new messiah on the basis of his boring, musically illiterate and superficial cacophony.

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no it's not; it's a manifestation of mental deficiency.

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Well and truly said. Was your "ram down our throats" reference serendipity or a great one-liner?

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Islam has declared war on the US and on freedom in general. Bin laden was therefore an enemy combattant. In wars, the two opposing factions shoot their enemy combattants - that's just the way it is. We didn't declare war on the sand weasels - they declared war on us. Bin laden had no right to expect anything less. I can't believe that within a few days of his most welcome death, this mass murderer has achieved victim status among our weaker bretheren of the left. He's dead. Great! One fewer mosque rat in the gene pool.

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The lefties seem to have conveniently forgotten that the 3,000 9/11 victims were unarmed. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
As opined by previous posters, I too would have liked to have seen him taken alive, then hanged by the testicles (if any) at ground zero until he pegged out.
On an unrelated note, I just can't get over those SEALS. I'm still back wondering how they could have lain on the deck of that cutter, which must have been undulating at least a little, as no sea is ever totally calm, and picked off three somali pirates through a small window at some 20 yards without harming their hostage. How on earth did they know that two of them wouldn't choose the same target?
In a world hungry for superheroes, here's a great place to start looking.