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You know until this comic, I never knew what being "Rick Rolled" was (I don't play enough video games apparently and/or troll video game forums). After being Goatsed, invited to a Lemon girl, yatta, etc etc... I can honestly say being Rick Rolled is the least of anyone's worries. The tune is kinda catchy actually, it's just the video that's gay.

Oh and I never realized that character's hair pointed into horns as shown in the second and fourth panels. It's also neat how panel 4 is just a panel 2 turned a little with jazz hands. I like the inward facing jazz hands. Heheh..jazz hands.

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I gave up on lost man. I downloaded three HD seasons of that shit and I don't even want to think about how many hours of my life were wasted on it. I'm not touching season 4. I'm pretty sure the writers get drunk all the time and then just start making shit up.

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I was going to send you an e-mail the other day when I saw your site was down. I saw the Bluehost icon and was like "oh wow he uses Bluehost too." But I couldn't get past the captcha (what the fuck do Hijinks do anyway? I tried, Hijink, Hijinking...this is a verb conjugation puzzle right? Damn alternative captchas...oh and the e-mail address you have listed doesn't work either)

I've actually used Bluehost for years. I was on Darkfiles before they stopped offering web hosting. It's odd because I've never had any major problems with Bluehost...other then than randomly upgrading Ruby on Rails without telling everyone on two occasions totally breaking several of my websites.

My main sites, &, were very high traffic at one time, but they still pales in comparison to the type of traffic I'm sure your site gets.

Sorry you're having trouble with Bluehost. They've always been good on my end about tech support and their Cpanel is better than most other services. It sounds like you got a BOFH (bastard operator from hell) on that one call. I usually get good people the few times I've had to call.

I've had to work helpdesk for a year too for TVA. Dude..there are some fucking stupid people running nuclear plants. Browns Ferry nuclear is the worst. "Where's the start button?" "What's a web browser" Dude you have NO IDEA how many times I've heard "What's a web browser."