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Just jailbreak and get "Free Memory" for free in SBSettings.
Problem solved:

MikeCTZA and others above agree ;)

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Wikipanion is much better than the official Wikipedia app. It's also free and let's you "find on page" which is extremely handy when on huge articles and has more features in general.

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FTA: "*** Please Note: Prowl is a Growl client – so it pulls its alerts from Growl – and requires Growl 1.1+ on the Mac or Growl for Windows or Snarl on a Windows machine."

You don't actually. You can write scripts in almost any language that will interface with the Prowl API. Also Prowl, can be pretty useful as a trans-computer clipboard via the prowl website. You can paste a message into the "Add Notification" page and send it to your phone instantly.

Prowl API: