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Thanks for the great tips, Dan. I've been experimenting with different video techniques for my blog. I just put together my first talking head video, and while I have a long ways to go, I learned a lot about talking to the camera instead of an audience. It's a lot different than talking with an audience... no feedback. I've got to work on lighting and pacing, but its a lot of fun to see what you can create with low cost equipment. Nancy Duarte has been an inspiration with some of her video clips for her books.

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Erasing unimportant things on a calendar... priceless!!

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Thanks for the comment, Jen. I do agree that we all need down time and to find a good balance. I certainly enjoy TV at times. However, which accomplishment would you find more appealing? Having watched every episode of Lost and E.R. or to have taken this time and written a book or started a small business? If the average person would replace just one hour of TV a day with a more productive activity, can you imagine the consequences?

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Good to hear from you, Dwayne. I'll have to pick up Rework. I've heard good things about it. Working in IT, I do feel like a hamster at times, but that's why I've taken up running... keeping the wheel turning... :-)

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I listened to the audio book a couple of years ago. Really eye opening that anyone can get on the long tail with a product or service.

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Some of the mountains that I face have never been climbed before. This makes it hard to get advice from others. Sure, they may have climbed other mountains, but they haven't been up this one. I guess you would call them Neil Armstrong moments...

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Thanks for the comment, Robb. I find that a good book is a great way to end the day too. I'll have to check out your book link.

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Great list, Lindsey. As a Toastmaster I hate filler words like You know, um, ah, so. We are so conditioned to watch for them, that they stick out like a sore thumb. You have given me a great idea for a speech... 5 to 7 minutes using all the words listed in the comments... starting with the word moist.... Classic!

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I work for a large K-12 school district and our workloads have increased greatly with new state programs and regulations. With federal and state budget cuts, the ability to hire additional staff has gone away, so each person is asked to do more but in less time because of furlough days etc. I'm sure in this recession many people find themselves in situations like this.
While this is just a season, it definitely increases a person's responsibilities so the time margins shrink dramatically. It makes it necessary to focus on what is really important.
I really appreciate your list, Mike. While I can't always control my work load, I can control my response. Getting enough rest and thinking through things really helps.

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Great Site, Brian. I'll have to check out your recommendations!