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it'd be rad to hear us do what?

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HELLO. i am the vocalist from everything goes cold.

1. yeah, forgetting to eat dinner + a ton of white russians + being in the general presence of combichrist == this shit will indeed fuck one up.

2. while last night's show came out better than i would have expected given the circumstances, i'd encourage you to check out our recordings and/or come see us at the deviant nation masked soiree on november 13. we put on a great show when we get a sound check and enough space to move more than one foot in any direction, i swear! also, combichrist is pretty stiff competition. in the absence of babyland, i'd say they now put on by far the best show in industrial music, and last night was no exception.

3. we actually weren't the first band of the night, we were the second. the first was demodulate, who were on very early.

anyhow thanks for coming and crap!