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Well, the CHRISTIAN thing has always been honesty, truth telling, lawfulness, and obeying the form of government God put in place. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial have clearly defined rules in this country. To usurp those rules through clever chicanery is not just. The people see and will see that. This is a Democracy, not a Chicacracy!

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I was recently put on a vitamin D supplement from my doctor, including a prescribed megadose once per week. I think he put me on it for my bones. So, there's another benefit. And I remember my father eating sardines. Thanks!

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Oh how the truth will set people free. Thanks, Sean. Once again you have gleaned what is succinct and right to the core of the matter. False gods leading the masses astray. Pray, we must, that knowledge of the Truth will abound in the middle east through prayer, the internet, TV, radio, publishing, and some kind of diplomacy.

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Thanks, Sean, for insight not seen about 9/11 until now. I can only think of the people dying, falling, burning, being crushed. I also have to think of the amazing saving sovereign grace and mercy of God at work in ways unknown to us; where the word of Christ crucified now risen can flash into a dying human being's mind at that split second, faith is ignited or keenly focused, and everything suddenly turns good for them in ways this world cannot imagine.