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First Ambassador from Cross Movement, now this. I'm crushed internally, but I'm also humbled. My life is an open book to God and must eliminate the things in my life that would destroy my family and ministry if he were to decide to read my book out loud.

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Eugene Cho.

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I kinda stumbled on this post via Twitter but I always have one scholarly question for KJV enthusiasts.

Why are they so dogmatic about the KJV when only 5 manuscripts were used in its translation and those manuscripts only dated back a few hundred years prior to the KJV being done? Meanwhile more modern translations use anywhere between 2-5000 manuscripts that date back more than 800 years than the 5 used for the KJV?

I appreciate the foundation I learned will reading the KJV, but the NLT and the NIV are great contributions to the Body and the Kingdom.

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I'm personally enjoying the Kindle app on my iPod. Saved myself almost $400 and I get the same features.

One thing that I thought would be a great feature for them to add would be a community type set up. Like how allows you to comment and see other comments on scripture, I would like ot read a book, comment on it and discuss my comments as well as other people's comments on a particular passage of a book.

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Marcelo, have you ever met the child of a rape victim? They are really phenominal people. But that really becomes another discussion.