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I am going to try and really be nice here since Sean has set that tone but WTF buddy ... did you even take 5 minutes to listen to the show. If you did you you would have known that nothing of what you have said comes even close to being a valid disagreement with what Sean and I said in the podcast. I think you need to get off your high horse and come down and play with the real people for a little while because your "artist sensibilities" are making you look like a fool in this case.

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there is a registry edit you can make. I'll look it up tomorrow and post it.

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As I am in the process of basically re-building WinExtra after splitting off all my social media stuff to Shooting at Bubbles I am always on the look-out for ways to promote this blog. Now I am not big on doing "link exchanges" but I am seriously looking at developing a resource page for Microsoft and its related software. In that vein I will take a look at your blog and will be in touch about the idea of doing a guest post.

So thank you very much for reaching out and thinking that I might be a good fit for what you are doing. I truly believe that like Windows Live Writer the OneNote program is one of those great unsung applications that Microsoft has developed. So expect to hear from me in the near future.

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It`s not better really other than the fact the stats are available immediately unlike Google where they are previous day stats. As Clicky has the real-time view which lets you see the hits as they happen and what posts are getting the most attention as well as where they are coming from.

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Most definitely Brett the fresh install is the best way to go but a large majority of people are too lazy to want to have to deal with the time involved in installing their software onto the new OS and then have to get all their favorite setting back in place.

I speak from experience on that :) but this time even though I am running the RC I'll be doing a fresh install.

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I'm not sure if he would be interested in returning to doing that. As well that whole aspect of WinExtra is something that I am looking at in regards to new ideas and trying some different things. So time will tell Joe :)

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You are more than welcome Mr. Gray <snicker> your post actually helped solidify some thoughts I've had in this area for a little while now.

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I knew that would make you happy :)

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Thank you Mr./Mrs. Guest :) very much for that ... I'll update the post very shortly with this info.

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Ya that is one of the biggest bitches I really have with WLW right now. I lost hours yesterday trying to code something but because of the way that WLW uploads the pictures I had to cancel the idea. No matter what I tried I just couldn't pull what I needed from the post.