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Great points Tom! Google Alerts is one of those tools that more people should use. It is amazing the insight it can deliver to your email box on a regular basis. I know a few people that write their blog posts based on the insight that comes out of Google Alerts.

Keep up the great work on your blog!

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Thanks Marc! Hope to continue to inspire you and others!

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Thanks Ryan for your comment -- It all depends on how you use Twitter - what your business objectives are for using it. Twitter can be a big waste of time, or it can be one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing tool kit.

I have used Twitter for all of the reason above. I love Twitter. I have built closer relationships with people using Twitter than almost any other tool. Many people I have not met is person - but follow them and trust them by getting to know them online. Others I have met in person at conferences, and continue to engage in conversations that proved me with tremendous values. Because of that value, I am constantly encourage to give more. Those that have figured out Twitter are very willing to give.

I have used Twitter to gather input from various point of view on an issue by searching for what is being said now. The great thing about Twitter is every tweet is instantly search able the second it is posted. News breaks on Twitter, but you can also use it to gather additional details not covered on the nightly news. News breaks where ever you are - Twitter empowers everyone to become citizen journalists.

I have find that the most successful people on Twitter use it to be helpful and not as a tool for self promotion. If all people do is promote themselves, I tend to stop following them. I follow people that are helpful and interested in others. But that is my strategy. Others may approach Twitter differently. That is ok. As a tool, Twitter should be used to accomplish your specific business objectives.

The point of the article was to inspire ways Twitter can be used to accomplish tasks that many may not even consider. Sure, other tools may be used to accomplish the same tasks, but that is a topic for a different post.

How do you use Twitter?

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Wendy - you are always so insightful! I am thankful for your friendship.

You first question was about etiquette when you realize you have been removed as a friend or a connection. I don't see anything wrong with contacting that person and asking why they removed you. Sounds like it worked for you!

I know I have accidentally removed people from Twitter and didn't add them back in until I realized I had not seen their tweet in awhile. If social media is about building relationships, then it should almost be expected that you should question it if you get removed.

I love your comment that "Its not always about you." Great advice!

Here is one observation I have had: Some people in your network may not be contributing, but I bet they are getting a lot out of knowing and following you. Many people may also feel uncomfortable comment withing social networking sites. They enjoy observing and getting to know you, but commenting is not where they are at yet. And that is alright. Sometime we just need to observe and listen before we engage.

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Yes, It\'s been a topic on my mind for quite a while and I hadn\'t seen anyone really write about it. I always think, \"if only I could do this...for them\" or \"if only they\'d do these few things\".