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Just amazing how the Left holds onto the thinking that "ILLEGAL is not illegal". Where do the get the gaul to say that “12 million immigrants living in the United States find themselves without the hope of becoming citizens, reuniting with family members or enjoying the legal protections that most of us take for granted,” . That is an OUTRIGHT LIE. My mothers parents immigrated from Switzerland, legally and they where afforded all the benefits of America. They were also AMERICAN, not Swiss-American! They still held their Swiss customs and lived as AMERICANS of Swiss descent.

These people whom call themselves leaders ought to come around to understanding the LAW. ILLEGAL MEANS ILLEGAL, not immigrant. Come here legally and we have only one request; BECOME AMERICAN.


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When will Our People truly awaken to the fact that the only desire of radical Islamists, and Shahin is a radical Islamist, is the implementation of sharia law and world dominance of Islam. As a Catholic, we are taught Church Doctrine and Cannon Law. Should that law be governed over us? I think NOT! We choose to follow the teaching of the Bible and Our Brother Christ, knowing that in the end, it will be what we did, not what laws we followed. Naturally, if we do well, the law is followed. Our faith teaches us to be humble and tolerant of ALL people. There is no distinction between Catholic and not Catholic people. They, including the Muslim faith, are ALL God's children. Do I believe in my heart that the day will come when Islam is NOT trying to dominant? Unfortunately I do NOT see that day arriving until the Day of Redemption, when ALL will be judged for their acts of love and tolerance. Again, THE TEACHING OF ISLAM IS WORLD DOMINANCE. The destruction of Our way of life. The WAR continues, ever since the Muslims where set back in 1000, they are rising again. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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Yes, here in America we face the same uneducated response to the call of awareness. Those, myself included, whom cry out in the wilderness, are condemed and “has degenerated into name-calling and charges of racism,”. Come to America, but become American. Not some hyphenated hybrid. Understand the principles out the "American Dream". It is more than me, me, me. To highlight a couple, it is about living freely amongst people who are not trying to rule over you in anyway, it is being allowed to worship the God of your understanding. The concept of immigration has been radically evolved into "Save the World" and having to accept the fact that the new immigrant is coming to take from, not add to America(except the burden that the immigrant brings). Sharia in a free society is not compatable at all. The jihad has never ended nor will it end until its destruction. Even if the rest of the world were under islamic rule, America would still be at risk because the call to jihad is world dominance. AWAKEN AMERICA, AWAKEN NON-MUSLIMS.

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Non-Muslims are under attack throughtout the world and they expect that America will resist, so they have invaded Our Country with students and refugees as well as those foriegn invaders or treaspassers that crossed the border illegally or over stayed their visas. Now they form groups and use Our laws to gain foothold and soon they will be making the law. The enemy from within. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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Nothing new here. As always the "agenda" is well represented and those that listen to this spewing are not awakened nor will they be allowed to be awakened to the islamic threat that is confronting Our Freedom. The Republic for which it stands can not tolerate Shariah law and will not be subjugated to it. You are Muslim, fine, but don't try to over step your space by invading my space. We live freely here in America and do not subscribe to religious dominance of our lives. Those that choose to follow Mohammed should do so in the privacy of their space. We non-muslims do not invade their space with religious spewing about our faith. Our American freedom is constantly under attack by the money masters that still haven't gotten past the fact that we defeated them in 1776 and are using any and all, including religion and race, to splinter Our Great Nation. Stand tall Americans. Those newly arrived seeking to become American, BECOME AMERICAN.