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I have to travel to Toronto periodically for work. One great thing is the "Wifi" bus from the airport--much cheaper than a taxi and it has powerplugs and free wifi. The data roaming situation, as you mention, is crazy, so I never enable roaming for data. One day, though, we found ourselves desperately needing to send an email prior to leaving for a meeting, but there was no free wifi to be found. But what's this? The wifi bus drives by! So we peeled out and followed it until our email left the phone. Good times.

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Not to mention the high school students in Maryland pranking the system by printing glossy paper license plates of their enemies and intentionally running the red lights so the person of their choice would get a ticket in the mail. Once that story hit the wires, I'm sure there were copycats elsewhere. Of course, the right to face your accuser is part of the reason why these are administrative fines and not criminal offenses.

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Wow, McCain was hilarious. His writers were funnier than Obama's writers, and he really nailed the material.

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Also maddening on the cordless driIl front: changing battery format. I had a battery pack on a Craftsman die after about two years. I went to Sears, bought a new battery with what I thought was the same form factor and power output, but when I got home, it didn't quite fit. I brought it back, and they said the standard had changed over the past two years and that I'd have to special order it because they didn't carry the "old" one anymore.

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Best. Comic. Ever. Thanks for a great laugh!