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Good question.

It didn't start to get really bothersome until the stretch on the two lane highway. There were no good options for sunglasses along TX 31 that I recognized. But as soon as it went bow the horizon my whole world changed.

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Great points, Jenn. I'm not calling Tacoma ugly or anything, but this video made me want to visit there soon. And I know as well that life isn't as perfect and clean as this video made it out to be. I don't think "perfection" was the image they meant to portray, but I see what you mean.

And, yes, these guys are "all in". And it can happen and does happen. But I think these sorts of communities actually start there rather than a church decides to place some friends and friends of friends in a home together, shake them all up and perfect missional communities fall in place. It takes lots of intention, prayer, and buy in from all the people.

Good to hear from you. Hope yall are doing well.

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Wow. Thanks, Tt. I\'ll check the book out. And thanks for stopping by.

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I can completely understand that. But there are certain aspects of baby-baby times that I\'ll not look back upon very fondly at all. I had a friend that said this was her favorite part of the whole having a kid. I think she\'s crazy.

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I read "Once A Spy" earlier this year. Thought it seemed like a movie-type-book. Then looked and it was optioned for a book as well. Looked up Robopocalypse on IMDB and see that Spielberg is set to direct it, and the screenplay is being written by a guy who used wrote Coverfield and worked with LOST/Alias.

I've seen "The Passage" in the book store. I'll put it on my "to read" list. But it's already WAY too long. Been trying to read through the Game Of Throne series.

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So how was Robopocalypse? I have the hardback "on hold" at my library and read the first chapter in the bookstore. I'll have to see if I can get an ePub version now. But did you like it?

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I never got to attend a 7:22, but I did get quite a few of his 7:22 talks on cd.

Louie might be the communicator I like listening to the most. Matt Chandler is another.

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Hello, Jeremy

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Yes, it was with the Google Voice app on my phone. Never had really used it until then.

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Yeah, I noticed the name on the ticket. I'd heard about it. Supposedly a way to try and keep the "other teams" out of that area. No clue if it'd work or not. I'd like to sit up there again sometime. Would like for my wife to be able to experience it if ever possible.

When you get your skybox in a few years, promise you'll invite me up?